Tall Tower To Slimmed Down Laundry Drying Racks

October 14, 2019 Off By Simon Garbout

A portable clothes drying rack, with its ability to take up a small area, offers a perfect laundry accessory to conserve energy and air-dry garments.

A versatile clothes rack comes in a choice of configurations, such as 3 or 4-tiered, bird wing, Y-dyer or X-folding, to adjust in shape or size to achieve a desired layout – some even allow shelves to be adjusted into 2 to 5 different positions. Adjust the layout or angles to dry longer length items, such as bedding or towels without touching the floor.

A clothes rack, with a high-drop, offers a generous 22 – 34-feet of drying space and comes in a choice of hardwearing materials such as the classic-styled wooden airers, lightweight plastic, to the stylish chrome finished or rust-resistant stainless steel.

A tall tower drying rack, which is ideal for towels, sheets or long-length coats measures in the region of 21-inch in depth by 28-inches in width by 59-inches in height. A slimmed down airer, sized to fit tight areas, such as a dorm room, studio apartment, RV or travel trailer measures in at 13.25-inches in depth by 20-inches in width by 52-inches in height.

Useful features often noticed with the clothes racks consist of non-skid and angled legs for a high level of stability, tooth style locks, a collapsible design for ease in storing, unique hangers for shoes or coats, and an option to use inside or out on a patio or deck-area.

Household Essentials, Polder, Crawford-Lehigh and Honey-Can-Do all produce a selection of expanding clothes holders, with an ability to accept full-laundry load – often in the region of 20 – 24-pounds, and results in a more cost-effective choice to dry often washed garments.

Laundry accessories to complement the air-dryers include floor-standing clothes hangers, offering a convenient spot to hang freshly pressed articles of clothing to avoid creases, and holds up 35 full-length items. A multifunctional tool to air outfits, shirts or blouses, to air-drying delicate fabrics or leave by an entryway to dry rain-soaked jackets, gloves or sports gear.

All in all, a versatile airer offers a simple option to finishing off a wash load using a energy and cost-saving alternative to relying on one of the large capacity washer-dryers.

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