The Distinctive Features Of Bombe Chests And Their Decorative Function

The Distinctive Features Of Bombe Chests And Their Decorative Function

March 1, 2020 Off By Mirriam Hawks

The Distinctive Features Of Bombe Chests And Their Decorative FunctionAn average looking room can be made to look a beautifully decorated and furnished room by placing some very simple furniture, with an accent non style inside the room. Such a room sure to draw admiring glances those visiting the room is that furniture you are introducing is eye catching as well as functional, a good suggestion is to go for Bombe chest.

Bombe chest belong to the period of French Regency. It is usually with only drawers. Bombe chest have very distinctive characteristics with front and sides curving out greatly. The curving is so big that you will not be wrong if you think that it is swollen and it may burst any moment. Sweeping curves give grace and classic elegance to the chest.

Bombe chests are hand painted always. The inlays are carved. This feature makes the chest even more appealing to the eyes as piece of art.

Antique Bombe chests are decorated around the sides and edges with leaves, dragons, flowers etc.

You can buy Bombe chest in three different forms. One is the normal one with only drawers. The second is a combination of drawers and a cupboard. The third is only a cupboard. Bombe chests, originally used as decorative item in dining room were used for storage of dining linen.

Nowadays, people want to use it as a wardrobe. However, the major appeal is the unique appearance rather than the utility value.

Though a Bombe chest is usually purchased as decorative piece of furniture it still has enough space to serve as storage unit. The space is big enough to contain plenty of materials. The drawers are deep and have the capacity for storing small items.

Bombe chests have visual appeal because of the special appearance. Their utility is beyond question because they are very spacious. With both essential criteria satisfied Bombe chests are beautiful addition to the room.

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