Time Management and Organization for Busy Moms

September 10, 2020 Off By Carla Whiting
by Carla Whiting

Most mothers have a dual life; they manage a full time job and also manage their house and children. This can be overwhelming at times but a few pointers can help these busy mothers to ease their burdens and be stress free.

1. Plan your menus: Planning has a lot of advantages allowing you to save money and enjoy meal times that are no longer harried and stressful.

2. Advance meal preparation: With technology on your side, you can make two to three meals simultaneously. One can be served, while the others are frozen for later. Cook double portions of the meals and when you need it; you will have a meal ready.

3. Community Meal Rotations – The mothers in the rotation group take turns making the evening meals during the week. It is possible to cut cooking time to one night a week although you will be preparing for a larger number of people.

4. Errand planning: Plan your errands in such a way that you can do them on your way to and from work or while in route to some other place. This will save time and fuel and leave you less stressed.

5. Car pooling is a great time saver. All you need to do is get the moms of the neighborhood involved.

6. Get the family involved! In order to be successful at managing your time you will need to enlist the help of everyone in your household. Draft your children’s help in keeping their own rooms cleaned for rewards of some type.

7. Segment Housework – Segment each household task according to importance. Cleaning the house can be done one to two tasks each day. Maintain cleanliness to avoid an overload of work and dirt.

8. Learn to say “no” and stop trying to be a supermom. When you over-commit you will never be able to manage your time.

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