Time Management Guidelines for Working Mothers

September 14, 2020 Off By Carla Whiting
by Carla Whiting

Most mothers have a dual life; they manage a full time job and also manage their house and children. This can be overwhelming at times but a few pointers can help these busy mothers to ease their burdens and be stress free.

1. Menu Planning – By setting aside time each week to prepare menus, grocery lists and pre-make some items, you can take the stress out of mealtime.

2. Pre-cook Ready-to-eat Meals – When cooking your meat, go ahead and cook some extra that can be refrigerated or frozen for use later on. The same goes for Spaghetti sauce; make a double portion and then later you can thaw it for more spaghetti or lasagna.

3. Community Meal Rotations – The mothers in the rotation group take turns making the evening meals during the week. It is possible to cut cooking time to one night a week although you will be preparing for a larger number of people.

4. Errands – Direct some energy to doing errands on the way to or from work. Or if someone in your family or a neighbor is already out, ask them to do your pickup for you and you can return the favor for them.

5. Car-pooling with neighborhood moms and alternating rides to after-school events is another great time-saver.

6. Get your family to help: Every one needs to pitch in for successful time management. If your children are keeping their rooms clean then it means less work for you and possibly a reward for them.

7. Segment Housework – Segment each household task according to importance. Cleaning the house can be done one to two tasks each day. Maintain cleanliness to avoid an overload of work and dirt.

8. Never over commit because you can only do so much at a time. Remember you are a human; not a super mom. Just say “no” when it is not manageable.

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