Time Management: Where Does Our Time Go?

December 7, 2019 Off By Christine Jackson

Time management is a large issue for a lot of individuals. I keep hearing, “There are simply not enough hours in the day…” or “Where does my time go?” Face it, we all live busy lives. Work, family, and other commitments keep us all hopping. To utilize better time management, it’s essential to recognize what the particular difficulties are.

The most essential step in time management is assessing our schedules. On a sheet of paper, write up a “typical” week for you, by thinking about your present schedule you will be able to determine areas where much better time management could be used. Ask yourself why you’re feeling disappointed with your schedule? Create a list of what you wish to alter and what you want to make room for.

After you have done this, take a piece of paper and draw three columns. In the first column, have a list of all appointments, events, or commitments which are “set in stone”, things that happen at a fixed time and occur daily, weekly or monthly. Such as work, club meetings, or standing doctor’s appointments. In the second column, write “flexible” tasks or commitments that may be done close to your “set in stone” commitments, like grocery shopping, home cleaning, or having lunch with a friend. In the third column, put those “occasional” appointments, doctor appointments, a school play, or an old friend coming into town (or anything that doesn’t fall into the other two columns).

Then using a calendar (ideally one with big spaces for the days) Or make use of a notebook and label every page a day or two (according to how much you’re trying to achieve daily or weekly.) Begin putting in the items from your three columns, beginning with the things that are “set in stone” then the items which are occasional, keep the “flexible” things to last because you’re able to place them in around the other items.

The objective is to balance out your days and to maximize your time.

The biggest thing to think about is: Are you doing too much? No matter how well time is managed, there’s such a thing as an overload of commitments. Time management isn’t just concerning structuring your week to ensure that you can get everything done. It is about creating a manageable schedule which will give you time for the important things in life. So, before looking at your time management skills, look at what you’re trying to juggle.

If you are so booked solid that you can not schedule an hour and a half of quality family time, an hour of time with your significant other, and at the very minimum 30 minutes – 45 minutes of time for yourself then you have a lot on your plate and it is time to ask for assistance to relieve yourself of some commitments. Being run down and worn-out won’t support you in better time management, in fact it will impede it.

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