Tips For Those Living Under The Same Roof

It is really hard to live with someone else in the same house or apartment. People have different experiences growing up and these experiences lead to our behaviors as adults. These habits can clash when we move in with somebody else. But with a little understanding and patience and mutual respect, we can make the experience easier to bear.

The biggest problems come when two people don’t respect one another. Do not play loud music or watch loud television shows late at night. Respect your roommate’s requests to turn the volume down at other times of the day as well if they have a legitimate reason.

It isn’t hard to understand: You don’t go into your roommate’s room and he or she doesn’t go into yours. Never use your roommate’s stuff without asking permission and if you do use or break something, you need to apologize and pay for a replacement.

Start out on the right foot by setting up the basic ground rules at the first. Make sure that the rules are clear. If they are, then both of you may be able to avoid minor disputes and make living together smoother.

Clear guidelines are essential to understanding where each other’s boundaries are. You’ll have to establish some boundaries with your roommate. Sit down on that first day with a pen and paper to outline some rules that will help make living with each other as pleasant as possible.

You both need to participate in the upkeep of the living quarters. The sooner you can discuss chores with your new roommate, the better. Make sure to set aside some time to go through the list of common chores, both weekly chores and those that have to be done less frequently.

Understand from the beginning that you and your roommate will have issues with one another. You will eventually learn what your roommate does and doesn’t like, when he or she goes to bed and gets up in the morning, how loud he or she is when getting ready to go to class, how many guests he or she likes to have and how often, and so on.

Follow these guidelines and you can make your situation a little easier to bear. Be open-minded and honest when discussing and dealing with issues with your roommate.

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