Tips On Getting A Teaching Assistant

February 9, 2020 Off By Mirriam Hawks

When you engage a teaching assistant, you do so to help with the work and take over some of the teaching assignments that need to be handled in a timely matter (so you can review the results with students). But then the teacher should always have control over what the teaching assistant is supposed to do in detail. The assistant should always be in sync with you so that the students are benefited.

The job of the teaching assistant is to help you manage the work with the pupils and handle the entire class. But always remember that the responsibility of the students lies with the teacher alone and not the assistant. The assistant can never replace the teacher and would have to strictly work under teachers guidance and supervision.

For the teacher and the assistant to work as a team, it takes a while. In the beginning they may not know each other well and so it shows, but after a while each one knows the strength and weakness of one another and covers up well to manage the class.

When you both work on the plan of assignments schedule of lessons, projects etc together, you will find that the quality of work is much better.

You can assign some individual responsibilities to the assistant once she gets a grip on things so that you are able to share the work load too.

Make it a point to go through with your assistant on the proposed projects, lessons and the subjects as well as the resources and aids so that both of you are better prepared to handle the class. Once done, always review the performance to see where the gaps are and what can be improved for the next time. It is important that you thank your assistant and appreciate the good work put in before the entire class.

When you show respect and the right attitude, your students will automatically learn to behave in the same manner. Having control is important since they are at a very impressionable age.

As a good teacher you should always be open to suggestions and invite your assistant to participate with her own ideas and bring about new changes too.

You should be careful not to overload your teaching assistant with too many things that she or he cannot finish in time or is too much for him to handle. If he fails, then it is your failure too, for you are dependent upon him/her.

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