Tips Regarding How To Pack Your Storage Space Carefully

March 23, 2012 Off By Adriana Noton

Public storage facilities have become very popular and are an important resource for many people. At some point, people may need to use a storage unit when they are moving, business owners may want to use it as a place to store important documents, or it can be used as a storage space for excess furniture. If you want to pack your storage space carefully, there are efficient ways to accomplish that task.

Choose a storage facility that is within a convenient traveling distance. This will make it easier for you when you need to access the items in the storage unit. This is particularly beneficial if you have to make multiple trips between your location and the facility. Choosing a place that is within a short distance will help you save gas money and you will spend less of your time on the actual commute.

Before you begin to move the boxes, make sure the items are packed securely. Using boxes that are strong enough to hold the items and using strong packing tape will keep the items from falling out. Don’t put too many heavy items in one box. If the boxes are a manageable weight, they will be easier to carry. Label the boxes. When you are storing the boxes, place them so that you can clearly see the labels from where you are standing.

You can figure out how to optimize the long term storage space by assessing the size of the unit prior to storing the items. Large items can be placed towards the back of the unit by the walls. When stacking the boxes vertically, the heavy strong items can be placed on the bottom and the fragile items placed on top of the storage space.

Items can be placed in bookshelves, drawers, empty refrigerators and in baskets. This will help you save some space within the unit for other items. Boxes with fragile items should be stored in a way that will not damage them. Items that you need to access most often or right away should be placed toward the front of the unit so that they will be easy to pick up.

By strategically packing the boxes, you will be able to use more space in the unit. Stack the boxes so that they are easy to reach. The items should be stored in a way that will make it easier to access the boxes and other miscellaneous items when you need to retrieve them later.

As you organize the boxes in the storage unit, leave space in between the piles of boxes and furniture. You want to leave enough space so that you can easily navigate within the unit to reach all of the different boxes. Leaving some space in between the boxes will also allow for proper ventilation within the storage unit.

There are methods you can utilize to pack your storage space carefully. Place items that you need immediately close to the front of the unit. Fill up extra space within empty shelves. Store the fragile items in way that will preserve their current condition. Choose a storage facility that is close by. This will make transporting and storing the items more convenient. The more planning that goes into the process of packing and storage, the easier it will be for you.

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