Preparation Is The Main Key To Refrain From Rushing During The Morning Hours

December 7, 2019 Off By Kimberly Redfield

The morning rush begins for parents as they struggle to get their kids off to school on time and then make a mad dash to work themselves. This should not be the case in the morning if one takes the time to prepare things in advance so they can save time.

To save time parents and children too can get everything ready the night before. By allowing kids to help prepare for the next days activities teaches them time management skills and responsibility at the same time. You can have the kids help you prepare the lunches, do the dishes, set clothes out, and gather books and homework together.

Having a pantry filled with easy to make breakfast food also helps to save time in the morning. Cold cereal is usually the most sought after by the kids, but they may also enjoy some fruit and yogurt too, and these require no time to prepare in the morning. A good balanced breakfast is the key to starting the day off right. If you do choose cereal for your kids make sure that it is low in sugar or sugar free and has been enriched with minerals and vitamins, this is the best choice.

Television can be a great time waster with kids as well as adults. To save time in the morning leave the TV off and this will help your kids to get ready in time and save you the hassles of rushing them about.

In the event that the kids are ready for school and everything is done, parents can choose to let them watch a little TV before they depart for the day.

Another good way to save time is to be organized. Being organized can save lots of time in the morning and gives you greater control over your day. You can have each child’s belongings in certain areas of the house so they will know where to look for them.

Baskets are a good organizing tool that can hold just about anything, from keys to IDs. You can use them to organize your kid’s things. Hooks are also a favorite with some people as they can hang coats and backpacks on them for easy storage.

Overall, parents should take the morning to relax and enjoy spending time with their kids before everyone starts their day.

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