Top Hangers And Other Methods To Organize The Closet

January 5, 2021 Off By Sky Borg
by Sky Borg

There are great ways for someone to organize their closet, and having the right hanger can help. You want to be certain that you start with durable top hangers to keep your clothes nice and neatly organized in your closet. The first suggestion would be to purchase extra hangers if you don’t have enough to hang all of your clothes.

Next, remove everything out of your closet. With boxes and shoes out of your way you can really organize. The other plus to doing this is that you’re certain to find something that you don’t want anymore. If they’re in good condition, consider giving them to charity. If not, throw it away.

Once you’ve got everything cleared out you should separate your clothes by item type. Put all skirts, dresses, and pants into one piles, and shirts and other clothing in another. Pullover sweaters should not be put on hangers or top hangers because they will start to stretch out of shape. Fold them up and put them on a shelf or in a drawer instead.

Now look at the closet and find a place for all of your piles and boxes. One thing to consider is if you have multiple levels in the closet, save your highest rod for hanging the dresses and pants. Shorter rods are a good place for your shirts and skirts. And of course, top quality hangers can be used on any level.

It doesn’t stop there though; press your clothes as you go. It takes time but when all is said and done, your clothes will look nice and you appreciate that they are ready when you are ready to wear them. This is a good habit to form this point on, before it goes in the closet, take the time to iron it.

If you like being a little more organized than the lady down the street, you can consider organizing your types of clothing by color. You’ll find the benefit of this later on when you decide on what to wear. It obvious that you decided to wear what you are wearing based on coordinating colors. Taking this extra step can help save time.

When you hang pants and skirts you should only use clip or top quality press hangers. Regular hangers are not the best choice for them because it can leave horizontal creases in weird places. If your pants are made of lightweight fabric, though, you can safely put two on a single hanger.

Now find ways to use you manage your shoes and accessories. Scarves and ties easily hang from clips designed for regular hangers. A shoetree is an ideal space saver that can hold all your shoes right behind the closet door. You know your closet best so get creative, use your top hangers and make that closet organized.

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