Treatment for Sleep Apnea

Treatment for Sleep Apnea

February 24, 2020 Off By Irene Mmari

A great many people suffer from a disorder called sleep apnea which interrupts your rest while you’re in bed. While sleep apnea comes in a great many varieties, these in the main do not cause death but there are circumstances where it could cause challenging health problems and expose you to life threatening dangers. That’s why it is of the utmost necessity to be administered a sleep apnea exam if you have an idea that you are putting up with this disorder.

There are a number of ways that you can tell if you have a sleep apnea problem, and many who have sleep apnea also have a number of other symptoms in which sleep apnea is a side effect. Some good examples of this are , weight gain, fatigue, and mental depression all of which may be caused by sleep problems, and they will also have cotton mouth or waking up often with a panic attack.

Insomnia may be a part of your sleep disorder but the best means to determine if your symptoms are induced by sleep apnea is to go to your physician and take a sleep apnea test. A sleep apnea test is usually given at a sleep disorder center but can also be administered at a hospital or doctor’s office where the appropriate facilities and equipment are available.

The first step is a physical exam and part of the test consists of a good hard look at your mouth, throat and sinus areas. There will also be a detailed recording of a series of questions regarding the following subjects, sleep quality, patterns, disturbances and impressions. The doctors will want to keep you over night where a record is kept of how well you sleep.

The common test to record your sleep patterns is going to be a PSG which stands for a polysomnogram which comes in two varieties. The first type of test is carried out overnight and consists of supervising various activities such as your heart rate, your breathing pattern, your eye movement and also your brain activity.

The second type covers a home monitoring version of the test where the technician simply connects the necessary electrodes and allows for more convenient monitoring of the patient at home through the standard PSG. What they will be trying to discern when deciding whether the results of the test are good or bad is a common measure called the respiratory disturbance index of RDI.

This expresses in numerical terms the number of abnormal events which may have disrupted your pattern of breathing through the night. Following is the common measures used when judging whether or not a person has sleep apnea. If the total amount of interruptions over an hour is more than twenty then the patient is usually recommended for treatment.

There are additional tests which could be called for like a multiple sleep latency examination which assesses the amount of fatigue which is caused by the lack of restful sleep. Normally, a person requires roughly 10 minutes to fall into a restful sleep so individuals who can fall asleep in less than five minutes are usually recommended for treatment. A strip test is also helpful to take prior to the sleep apnea test to see of further testing is needed.

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