Successful Small Closet Organizing

June 15, 2019 Off By Doug J Smith

Small closet organization must start with a personal commitment to discipline. Small closets are notoriously the most difficult to successfully organize. Generally, small closets hold more than they should. The hold more than they should in two different ways.

Generally the organization of small closets is hampered by the sheer quantity of items being stored. There is simply too much junk in the closet. The first step in proper closet organization is to de-clutter your life. It has been widely acknowledged that most people tend to accumulate too much clutter. For many reasons we hold on to stuff long after the stuff has lost its usefulness and has become useless clutter.

The first step in small closet organization is to purge. If you can, try to get rid of 15-20% of the contents of every closet. This amounts to 3-4 items per twenty items. You might not be able to do the total purge in one day. If you find that difficult then try to do the purging over the span of one week. At the very least, try to get rid of 10% of the contents which amounts to 1 out of every 10 items.

After reducing your belongings you can move on to phase two of closet organizing. Thankfully phase two is much easier than phase one. Although easier, phase two is equally important. Phase two involves structuring the contents of the closet into distinct categories. Each closet can hold a number of categories depending on the size of the closet. Smaller closets can hold a category or two.

One such closet organization grouping could be sewing materials. Many of us have buttons all over the house. Gather up all the buttons for every drawer and make a button jar. Gather needles and thread together and anything else related to sewing. Even if you think you don’t have any sewing materials you probably do. Another such grouping could be note paper, greeting cards, post its, wrapping paper, envelopes and pens. Everyone has stationary. Collect all your stationary together and store it in one closet. A small commercial closet organizer is great for stationary storage.

There are some excellent closet organizers on the market that are really helpful for small closet organization. With enough looking, you will be able to find a closet organizer to fit any size closet. Start your search online or at local department stores. Small closet organization is within your grasp.

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