Unclutter your Wallet

August 2, 2019 Off By Sherry Borsheim

Do you have a wallet that is overflowing with stuff? Are you constantly frustrated that you can’t find what you need because there are receipts, cards, or misc notes crowding the important things? The following are some simple suggestions to get your wallet organized and keep it organized once and for all. You will learn what to have in your wallet and what NOT to have in your wallet, how you can be ready in the event of an emergency, and important information on how to protect yourself.

Items that you SHOULD keep in your wallet

* Gift Cards – Treat these like cash and keep them with your cash. Over 30% of all gift cards are lost and never get redeemed.

* Credit Cards – Only the credit cards you frequently use should be kept with you. If there are cards that you no longer use, they should be kept in an envelope in your safe deposit box or they should be shredded.

* Driver’s License or ID

* Emergency Contact Card – Type the names and numbers of two different people you would like to be contacted in the event of an emergency on a business card size piece of paper. Laminate it and keep it behind your Drivers’ License or ID. If an accident were to happen, the police and/or hospital would know whom to contact.

* Medical Insurance Card – Not completely necessary but can be helpful in the case of an emergency or accident.

* Auto Insurance Card – If you are an owner and operator of a vehicle, a copy of your insurance card in your wallet can be helpful. Usually, insurance companies will send you more than one. It would be useful if your car were stolen or if you didn’t have access to the one in the glove box.

TIP: You should photocopy everything in your wallet. Keep copies of the front and back of all your credit cards. Copies should be kept in your safe deposit box. You will, then, know exactly what you lost and whom you need to call if your wallet is lost or stolen.

Things that should NOT be in your wallet

* Business Cards – A couple of your own business cards could be kept in your wallet. However, as you accumulate business cards from other people, either place them in a file or enter them into your address book and toss them.

* Receipts – Receipts should be placed into an easy and efficient filing system each time you return from shopping. My Fast-Filing Method program gives a great explanation on how to setup an extremely fast self-cleansing system.

* Misc Notes & Papers – Use a more efficient system for organizing your information rather than just writing on misc. paper, napkins, or sticky notes. An explanation on how to use a Capture Tool to simply and efficiently keep track of information can also be found in my Fast-Filing Method.

May this be your best and most organized year yet!

Heidi DeCoux is publisher of Life Made Simple e-Magazine, a professional organizer and creator of the Fast-Filing Method home office filing system. Heidi energizes her readers’ by simplifying their homes & schedules. For more info, free tips, and to receive her FREE Report: The Fast & Easy Way to Get Organized and Stay Organized Forever, visit ClearSimpleLiving.com