Useful Tips To Spruce Up Your Home

January 2, 2020 Off By Carl Hayes

After living in a home for several years, it is common to feel that the house is not as exciting or interesting as it once was. Chances are, your home simply is in need of some simple updating and improvements. Making a home feel fresh can be done with even a modest amount of money, especially if you are patient and willing to put some time into the effort.

You can start with the lighting in your house. You can change your ceiling fixture and add new ceiling fans or even table lamps, so you get an entirely new atmosphere of the rooms.

If you have a steady hand, consider paint as a way to refresh a room. If you are a tenant, be sure to check with the landlord about any decor change. Consider going from neutral paint colors to bold colors, even if it is just to accent a single wall. Stripes and textures add extra interest. Consider refinishing and staining furniture a different color.

If you have wall-to-wall carpeting that has become worn, stained or damaged, you do not necessarily have to replace the entire carpet. Use area rugs and runners to cover damage, especially in high traffic areas. Rather than attempting to match area carpeting, try using contrasting colors or patterns.

Another simple change is to purchase or make new slipcovers to change the look of your upholstered furniture. If you are good at sewing, you can even make your own slipcovers. Otherwise, there are plenty of online stores that sell new slipcovers and websites that tell how to re-upholster furniture.

Of course you need to thoroughly clean up your home and get rid of all the useful stuff you haven’t used in years. It will seem like you have added a new room to your home.

Rearranging your furniture can bring a dynamic change to a room. Have a friend or spouse help you rearrange the room and see how it looks. You may be surprised what a difference changing the layout of a room can make.

Don’t overlook new flooring, curtains and shades. These can make a drastic difference to the appearance of a room at a very nominal cost. So look around and get some ideas. You will be surprised what a difference even a small change can make to the look and feel of your home.

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