Using A Closet Organizer In The Kid’s Closet

September 13, 2019 Off By Timothy Corcoran

Closet organizers are the best. What’s better than opening your closet up in the morning and seeing your clothes all neat and organized? Well, for starters, your kid’s closet all neat, tidy and organized. After all, they probably need it more than you do. A closet organizer kit can be just the foundation that your child needs to be organized.

Finding the right organizer kit for my son’s closet took plenty of online research. To begin with, I took everything out of the closet. When sorting through the clothes, look for items that they either outgrew or don’t wear anymore. You can take these clothes and hand them down to siblings or anyone else you know that might fit into them. I used this opportunity to teach my son a little lesson on charity. He got to pick through the clothes that he didn’t want anymore and we promptly took them to the nearest donation center. Its never too early to teach them to be charitable.

A really important step is to clear out everything from the closet and sort through it all. This will give you a better picture of the space you are going to utilize. Take plenty of measurements. When you are ready to install, keep in mind how tall your child is and make sure to adjust the height of the closet organizer to accommodate accordingly as every child is different.

Allow your child to grab his/her own clothing by installing an additional rod at a height that is comfortable for them. As your child grows, they will eventually be able to take things off the upper rod as well.

If the shelves are too high for them to reach, don’t worry about it. You can use plastic containers to put such items in as out of season clothes. Never put heavy items up high that may come crashing down on your kids and hurting them if they try to get at them. You can use plastic containers that are labeled to place most light-weight items into.

Since you probably have the extra room up high, don’t be afraid to add a few additional shelves. In my opinion, you can never have enough shelving in a closet.

Teaching your child how to keep the closet organized, neat and clean is the hard part. You’ll need to demonstrate how to fold and hang their own clothes properly. Teach them sooner rather than later so they get used to using their new closet organizer.

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