Victorian Style For Your Home

Perhaps the most romantic option you can use for your home is the Victorian style. The grandness, the intricacy, the colors and the tradition it came from all add to the general image it portrays. The image of wealth and royalty is what the Victorian style is all about.

The Bathroom
Oddly enough, the bathroom is almost the centerpiece of every Victorian style. It may be brought about by the obsession of people then to clean up. Regardless, the bathroom should be just as lovely and fancy as the living room. Try to get a really nicely done white tub that stands alone. Try to avoid those tubs that lean against the wall. Go for white with lots of faucets. Put some chairs, lots of candles and good lighting which you can control. The shower and the faucets should be silver or gold.

General Feel
In general, it gives an air of formality. There are intricate moldings that may be seen through the different pieces of furniture like center table and chairs. There is the large French doors that open to a large living room with well finished wooden floor. You will see large bookcases that are hallmarked with even larger windows.

The Living Room
Look for pieces of furniture from the renaissance era. If you want tome diversity, check out the English furniture during Queen Anne’s time. The finish is usually dark with a majestic and grand feel. The room should look very organized.

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Dishes and serving pieces were usually silver or brass. This adds even more elegance to the Victorian ear especially with violet flowers on the table. The setting is intricate too. Proper setting complete with several forks and knives must be set every meal time.

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