What do Prospective Employers Really Think About Online Bachelors Degrees?

December 1, 2020 Off By John B Maxted
by John B Maxted

The major concern that perspective online students have is that their online bachelors degree will fail to be accepted as legitimate or equivalent to a conventional degree by a future employer. How are these potential employers going to look at an online degree in comparison to one from a traditional university?

Over the last decade and specifically the last few years, employers have moved their traditional position on online degrees and now hold a far more favorable view than they have in the past.

It wasn’t that long ago that many employers felt that online diplomas weren’t worth too much at all. This is due in part because online learning was a new and rising industry, and moreover because there weren’t a lot of legitimate and well known universities and colleges offering accredited online bachelor degree programs. But as more and more colleges have started including online education, more employers are understanding that online degrees are both legitimate and valuable. This is changing just how employers view online degrees.

The anxiety about being looked down upon should have disappeared for current students and those undertaking online education in the future. Could there even now be a potential job or employer that looks negatively towards your online degree? Of course they could, anybody could be skeptical, but the trend is certainly shifting. In readiness for encountering someone who is not a supporter of online bachelors degree courses, be certain to emphasize the details and strong points of your degree on your resume so there are no questions.

You should be prepared to respond to any questions when in an interview. Clarifying the process of undertaking classes online, why you decided to do so and how demanding it was will help show an employer that your degree is genuine.

You should also ensure that the online degree program you take is fully accredited. This is an added worry that has been reducing in recent times, as there are now a large number of opportunities for legitimate online degree programs.

The latest trend is that many employers now see online diplomas as actually being more valuable than a conventional degree. The first reason for this change in perception is because it confirms you hold an intimate knowledge of the latest new and emerging technologies. Webinars, video conferencing, online presentations and numerous other tools are becoming more important to businesses, so the ability to draw attention to your knowledge and experience of these is important. A student who has studied online will come out of their program with much more hands on knowledge and experience in these areas.

online degrees require a great deal of independent drive, commitment and considerable effort. As each day passes, an increasing number of employers are recognizing this and valuing it as a strength. The view is that a student that can effectively guide themselves through an online course while at the same time managing all of the other tasks and responsibilities in their life such as work, children or both, is likely to have the skills to undertake virtually any job or duty at the workplace. This is another area that an online degree student certainly has an advantage when compared to the student who probably had a simpler route.

Without a doubt the way that online bachelor degrees are perceived today has shifted a great deal even from just a couple of years ago. Gone are the stigmas and skeptical employers, replaced by accepted advantages and strengths. Just be certain to clearly describe your degree and your program, as well as your choices, to help satisfy the doubts and worries of any future employer.

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