What Size Of Vehicle Does A Self Employed Plumber Need Regarding Working Well

November 12, 2019 Off By Chris Burrows

Knowing the equipment you need when you have a start up business is the key to starting off right and being prepared. Along these lines, what size of vehicle does a self employed plumber need is a good question to ask yourself in the planning you will need to do. The answer may be that you do not need one at all.

There are many special and unique tools of the trade in plumbing. Special pipe wrenches, fittings and a variety of snakes from hand crank ones all they way up to big power snakes. You need a vehicle that can not only transport these tools but also secure them.

With that in mind, the pickup truck is probably not the best option. Pickups are great at transporting but even with a canopy are not too good for securing items. Another down side to a pickup with a canopy is organizational ability. The canopy really limits the amount of space you have. It also provides almost no headroom. You have to crawl around to find the tools that you need for that particular job.

The popular vehicle of choice is the cargo van. They are the best vehicle to transport and secure all of your equipment. High cube vans are the best for this application. Vans are great because you can customize them just about any way you want. Inside are metal ribs that run from the floor to the roof. These can be used to mount cabinets and shelving. You can mount special brackets for special tools on the ribs or even right through the floor. One thing to remember, however, is that if you are mounting items to the floor make sure that any holes you drill through the floor are properly sealed to avoid leakage in wet weather.

Another great thing about the cargo van is that you don’t have to crawl around looking for the tool that you need. If you go with a high cube van you can stand up and walk around inside. If you chose a regular van you can still stand up but you will most likely have to bend over. Either option is better than the pickup truck however.

The last major plus about a van versus a pickup truck is advertisement. Vans, Cargo Vans especially, have very large flat body panels. These are perfect for large signs advertising you company’s name. Put your name, phone number and email on there in large letters for everyone to see. You can advertise on a pickup as well but the surface space is far less than a van.

Overall a cargo van is a great option for a plumbing business than a truck. There are used vans out there for a great price if you cannot buy a new one. A large plus is you have the ability to lock up all of your equipment more securely at the end of the day and know it will be there the next day for you to live the dream of owning your own business.

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