What to Do the Week before Your Move

February 17, 2020 Off By Affordable Storage Guy
by Edmonton Storage Guy

Your last week in your old home may go by in a blur. There’s so much to keep track of: giving your bank and utility companies your new address, arranging for services to be turned on at your new home, and any cleaning and packing still left to do.

Many of the things left to be packed are things that you use on a daily basis. They can’t be packed yet, but you should keep them limited to as few locations as possible, to avoid overlooking anything when it’s time to go.

During this final week, any rooms that have already been fully packed should be closed off. Give them a thorough cleaning and do any necessary chores like touching up paint.

Give all of your appliances a thorough inspection. Whether they’re going with you or staying behind for the new occupants, you want to make sure they’re all working properly so no one will have to call in a repairperson for a rush job.

One of the best things you can do for yourself during your last seven days is to keep a notepad with you at all time. Write down any items you’re going to need to purchase, and any errands you need to run. It’s easy to overlook even the most obvious tasks during the frantic few days before your move.

It’s a good idea to send out moving announcement cards to family, friends, and business associates the week before you move. They’ll appreciate the courtesy, and will have a way to reach you should they need to get in touch right away.

It’s important to stay calm and organized during the final week leading up to your move. There’s a lot to do, but it can all be managed if you approach it systematically.

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