What to Do to have an Organized Purse

September 17, 2020 Off By Jason Carwell

The purpose of bags and purses is to lighten the load, but the purpose becomes less effective when a person does not know how to distribute the contents of the purse the right way. The goal is to reduce the weight of the purse but to be able to place all the necessary items inside. By organizing your black Coach purse you will be able to save time. This would also reduce the stress of carrying a heavy purse everywhere.

Compartmentalization – The first step to learn to achieve an organized purse is to compartmentalize. You can do this by arranging your things in the best location in your purse. To compartmentalize means to group each items according to use.

Do this by removing all of the unnecessary clutter inside. Do away with the candy wrappers, receipts, tissues and other papers that have piled up inside. Obtain a separate container for the important stuff like receipts and if it is not necessary to be brought every day you can leave it at the office or at home.

Cosmetics – It is better to get a small pouch for all of your cosmetic products to avoid powder and lipstick from soiling any important receipt. Acquiring a sturdy and solid pouch for your make up is better; it can also protect the integrity of your make up especially when traveling for long hours. If you’re on medication, maybe only bring the medicines that you need for a time, you don’t need to bring everything, only what’s necessary.

You don’t need to bring every ID and picture that you have in your purse, only carry with you one photo and two of the most essential identification cards in your daily routine and also your mostly used credit cards.

Pack for the Occasion – Remember the purpose of why you will go out that day. Understand the circumstance that you will be experiencing. If you think that it will be a busy day and you need to walk most of the time then it would be better to leave the books, notebooks and magazines at home. Before sleeping make sure that you have already prepared your purse, empty the contents that you will not need for the next day and just bring the essentials.

Keys and Junk – For convenience, allocate a space for keys. In that way you would not need to dig for it every time. Don’t let trash pile up inside your cute purses again, throw your wrappers in the proper place rather than making your bag a garbage bin. It would also be better to get a handbag that has short straps. In doing so you, can manage the weight of the bag better.

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