What Type Of Insurance Policy Should A Window Cleaning Company Have And Be Safe

November 7, 2019 Off By Chris Burrows

You may be wondering what type of insurance policy should a window cleaning company have. This occurs when you are planning to open a business. This is good to do. You need to know this vital aspect of a window cleaning business when you are going into business with yourself.

If you are serious enough about getting into business to get insurance do it right and ensure you have a business license. Many people who hire you will want to see proof of your license and insurance. This will also let you take checks from clients in your business name and pay taxes appropriately.

Your basic liability is good for someone young who is starting out and maybe cleaning one or two windows. As a company has more jobs, more employees and higher buildings the cost of insurance goes up. You may have to have special coverage such as third person liability or have your tools covered.

Getting quotes from an agent who knows what they are doing is your best bet in getting the proper insurance. They will tell you what type of insurance you need. In doing so it is smart to seek out a qualified seller of window cleaning insurance who knows the terminology and ins and outs of this type of business.

There are several insurance brokers to choose from in the area of a window cleaning business. You can get more than one quote just like you would for any other type of insurance. From there you can get the best quote for your needs. You may be a basic washer or you may do skyscrapers. The insurance needs will be different and cost different for both categories.

Do not ignore the importance of having insurance when you are window cleaning. It may seem like a safe job when you are on the ground but you are always running the risk of possible windows breaking and other issues that can cause a lot of out of pocket money if you do not have the insurance to cover it.

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