What You Should Know About Task Managing

April 26, 2021 Off By Gerard Schwabe

A good idea is only half of a project’s success. The other half is a good project and task manager. Task management helps you not to lose your focus within your project. Especially when you’re working in a team you need a reliable communication platform so that you’re able to assign tasks to the appropriate people who can do the task best. So what should you take care of when you’re planning your next project?

Divide your project into smaller parts. All actions should be easy understandable and clearly defined. It’s important that your project will be finished within the estimated time range, so mistakes because of a vague task description should be avoided.

It’s easier to start with easy, uncomplicated tasks and push the more difficult ones back. In general tasks are depending on results of prior tasks. Therefore you need a priority system which helps everyone to understand what should be done first and what next task builds on the existing results. So set priorities to get the important things done first.

Set a deadline for every task to make clear when things have to be finished. Otherwise you won’t be able to meet your project’s deadline. Without a deadline it’s very easy for everyone to put the task on the next day’s agenda.

Categorization of tasks helps everyone to understand what should be done. Set your individual categories like New, Mistake, Design and Testing. Additionally this helps you to group tasks together and assign them to the appropriate group which can do the job best.

Track every progress. Everyone of your team should be able to check the progress of every single task. Managers and other team members don’t need to ask every involved person how far things are. A look on the task progress is the better, faster and easier way to get this information. Additionally every finished task will motivate everyone. Watching like a project becomes finished raises the team spirit.

Work together. Project work means working with other people. So you need a very good communication platform which integrates all the above things. Everyone should know his daily tasks, be able to check the projects progress. It needs to be easy to contact other team members for questions or help. Tasks should be easily assigned to the appropriate team members. Permissions and groups should guarantee that different project parts can be accessed by the right people.

Gerard Schwabe is senior project manager at soft-evolution, an innovative provider of team management software Pimero.