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October 20, 2019 Off By Abel Alexander

If you can’t find clothes you bought a month ago or are constantly seeing stuff in your closet you have never used in a month, it is time for you to re-organize your closet. Doing this may be tiring just thinking about it but going through it may actually be therapeutic.

* know which ones are classics. These are the clothes that are constantly in use such as inner shirts, ties, and others. Just remember that as a rule of thumb, if the item may be used for any season, that is a classic
* the rest of your wardrobe should be grouped according to seasons. If you don’t have enough space for everything, you may store the off season pieces using the sealable air tight plastic bags

As you grow older, your needs change and you accumulate stuff that are not necessarily in the list of your mother. However, you don’t adjust and the organization.

Instead, you just keep the old system and find a new place for the new things you are acquiring. The result is a disorganized closet and disorganized room.

The first steps would be:
* to know what are the things that you have: bags, shoes, jewelries, jackets, etc.
* know which of these things are being used frequently and which are the ones you can afford to keep till next season
*you are allowed to keep some stuff as a souvenir but you should not keep everything. Choose the ones you value the most
* if you haven’t worn it in a year, give it up. You never will
* make sure you are able to wash everything in your closet regularly
* before you buy closet organizers, sort your stuff first. That’s the only time you will know what kind of organizer you will need
* anything that does not fit must be altered or be thrown away
* don’t force yourself to finish in one day

As I’ve mentioned it earlier, going through the organization of your closet may actually be therapeutic as it will force you to remember things that are related to the clothes, like it or not. It is your chance to think about these things and settle it along with the settling of your life.

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