Hard Wired Home Surveillance Systems Still A Great Option

There is no question that the digital revolution has changed the landscape of electronics, and some of the changes aren’t necessarily for the better. Home surveillance systems used to be solely hard wired, but now wireless systems have caught on and become much more popular. The appeal? They have every feature of their hard wired brothers but sell much cheaper.

What’s the story on both wired and wireless systems? Is one better for home use than the other?

The Truth About Hard Wired Home Surveillance Systems

“Hard wired” means that your home surveillance system uses actual wires to send information to and from its sensors, which are powered with the electricity of your home. It’s easy to hide the additional wiring and they’re pretty reliable once they’re installed, and since they run off your electricity there will be no chance of interference from other electrical devices.

Sounds great, right? Well, there is a negative side: though a patient individual with a do-it-yourself kind of attitude could theoretically hammer out a system with quite a bit of effort, most home surveillance systems are maintained and installed by professionals. Troubleshooting this stuff on your own is going to be risky and ridiculously time consuming.

Another problem is that you can’t install a hard wired home surveillance system without ripping up your house temporarily. If you can, have your system installed while the house is still being built to minimize property damage. If you install after the house is finished, your house will have battle scars.

Going Wireless: Good Or Bad?

Cameras and sensors communicate with radio transmissions in wireless home surveillance systems, and the results can be very good. The magic of wireless systems is that they an do everything their hard wired versions can do without any difficult install or permanent damage to your home. And speaking of that install, it’s extremely easy, even for those with little technical ability at all.

The trouble comes in when you consider the interference wireless systems constantly fight. If your system is near any electrical devices, they will inevitably fall prey to serious interference problems. They are also very sensitive, and the vibrations of a noisy car can be enough to set them off. In addition, unless you are in the habit of checking your wireless home surveillance systems religiously, then there’s no possible way you’re going to know if it breaks, or just runs out of batteries, for that matter.

Since technology is practically obsolete by the time the patent begins to cool, there’s no guarantee the replacement part you need will even be available anymore.

A Conclusion: Hard Wired Systems Still The Way To Go

Wireless home surveillance systems are so simple to install, and they do run nicely even without wires as long as you can stay out of the range of interference. Hard wired systems are still the only reliable ones for long term protection.

Wireless systems will do just fine for simple setups, but if you’re looking for serious protection that you can feel good about, the only way you’re going to achieve that level of security is by paying a professional to install a good hard wired system in your home.

No matter if wired or wireless, ensure your family’s safety with a reliable home surveillance camera or wireless home security camera to protect your home. Why not purchase one today? Always buy from a trusted website for the best quality and guaranteed authentic products for low prices.

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