Woven Boxes And Baskets For Storage

September 12, 2019 Off By Sam Linton

A hand-woven or wicker basket, with its functionality, strength and classic style, offers a perfect storage solution for a wide variety of accessories.

A woven laundry or storage basket, constructed in a tightly-woven weave, with resilient metal or impact-resistant plastic frame, offers a smart addition to a bedroom, bathroom, office space or in-closet storage, which often complements most color or dcor schemes.

Baskets often receive a humidity test to determine that it reaches the ideal point of dryness, once achieved, a wicker or woven basket is coated to avoid the possible development of mildew or mold as a result of constant use.

A round, oval or rectangular shaped wicker laundry basket, with a soft cotton liner, strong handles for lifting, and sizeable load capacity, offers a useful and functional addition to laundry or utility-rooms for holding dirty clothes until washday.

Common features noticed with these baskets include a resilient metal/plastic frame for extra support, built in side-handles or loops for ease in carrying, a removable cotton canvas liner, a protective layer to avoid mold or mildew build-up, and closable lid for complete ease in covering the contents of a basket.

A popular styled fiber basket comes in multiple sizes, materials, and configurations to blend with most color or decor schemes, as well as meeting most storage requirements. Some of the appealing construction materials consist of rattan, all-natural chip wood, Seagrass, natural rush fiber, maize fiber and willow.

To solve any storage issues, a compact-sized straight or triangle-shaped storage rack, made in an elegant walnut, solid pine or white wicker finish, offers a desirable furniture piece to accept up to 6 basket, often at different sizes.

A all-natural bamboo storage chest offers a perfect alternative to the wicker/woven type storage baskets, while still offering similar usefulness in its ability to store a variety of home ware items, such as linen, clothes, and accessories.

Overall, a set of all-purpose fiber made baskets offers the ideal storage solution for concealing a multitude of accessories in a bedroom, closet or bathroom.

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