How To Be A Good Housemate To Your Friends And Former Classmates

November 1, 2019 Off By Mirriam Hawks

Most young people who are just starting life on their own prefer to share costs of rental of apartments, by pulling together to pay the housing expenses with friends or former classmates instead of facing the high costs on their own. This in a way helps them to cushion themselves against any shock to their finances. One thing however, is their failure to consider that this wonderful and social person may be completely hopeless when it comes to housekeeping.

The first thing you ought to check when planning to share living quarters with anyone should be the issue of hygiene. Each of the housemates should be good in housekeeping so that no cleanliness of the house is compromised.

A person who cannot keep the house tidy should in fact be forced to confine his untidy nature to his own quarters. Trouble is when you have some common rooms to share like the kitchen, living room and even the washrooms. Insist that any dirt in the kitchen and washrooms should be removed in less than 48 hours.

It is very important particularly if the dirt is pertaining to raw animal protein or blocked sewer from the bathrooms. It is good to make a duty roster that can help to give each person some work to do to avoid any disagreements and ill feelings with other housemates.

It is not always that all the housemates are familiar with the dos and don’ts of sharing living quarters. This makes the sharing of living quarters with other people, who are not your relatives, a pain not unless you learn to modify your behaviors individually. You will find that other people do not even see the sense of turning down the volume of music late in the night.

All it means is that some people have no qualms about borrowing another person’s cooking utensils without prior permission. Agreed, it is not very easy to broach this kind of discussion between housemates, but doing it with the view to demarcating some limits of behavior, personal space and privacy can protect one from future regrets.

It is important to discuss issues to do with money and expenditure and other issues that are common to all.

It is common to find that one housemate has been given the duty of shopping for stuff like groceries, paying the bills and so forth, every month. This is a good thing, but it is always better to have a follow up to make sure the bills were actually paid without fail.

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