Your Final Moving Day Checklist

April 4, 2018 Off By Brian Hodson
by Affordable Storage Guy

Moving day can be one of the least anticipated days of the year, second only to root canals and prostate exams in terms of popularity. The following guide may not have you looking forward to moving day the way a child looks forward to a birthday party, but it should help alleviate some of the dread.

If you’ve hired a company to move you, you’ll just need to follow (discreetly) behind them to make sure nothing was overlooked, and then gather up the personal items and other essentials that you didn’t want to go on the truck. If you’ve got loved ones helping you, make sure to thank them. Profusely!

Start at the back of the house and work your way forward, one room at a time. Close off each room as you finish with it, after making sure that it’s completely empty and giving it a final cleaning.

Have a few extra boxes or bags handy to hold any overlooked items, and essentials that you’ll need right away in your new place. Clearly label the containers holding your essentials, so you can find them when you need them.

If you have time, leave a note for the new occupants detailing any quirks in the plumbing or other information it would be helpful for them to know, to help get them started on the right foot.

It may sound silly, but plan to give yourself a quiet moment alone to reflect on the time you’ve spent in the home you’re about to say goodbye to. Moving can bring up unexpected emotions, and it’s wise to be prepared for them.

Read the electric, gas, and water meters one last time so you can check your final bills to see that they’re accurate. Lock everything up tight, and make sure all the lights and appliances are turned off. Then hop in the van and start it up; you’re ready to go.

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