12 Ways Good Communication Skills Blast Off Your Success Rocket

12 Ways Good Communication Skills Blast Off Your Success Rocket

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“The two words ‘information’ and ‘communication’ are often used interchangeably, but they signify quite different things. Information is giving out; communication is getting through.”
~Sydney J. Harris

Do you really—I mean really—understand the value of good communication skills?  We all wish that everyone else had them, but this key to success starts with the man (or woman) in the mirror.

No matter what you currently have going for yourself, communication can stand between you and the next level.  It’s one of the most critical success skills you could ever master.

8718123610_09e70f6d90If you’re not money, fame or power hungry, you may not think this is all that important.  Well, you’re wrong!  When you lack good communication skills, your recipe for success is like a cake without flour.  You’re missing the main ingredient.

Let’s take a look at 12 of the many reasons why good communication skills can blast you into the arena of self improvement success.

12 Good Communication Skill Benefits

1.) People invest in you. Good communication skills allow you to sell what you have to offer in a way that makes others want to buy it.  If you’re a salesperson, this can be just what you need to meet those monthly quotas.  You’re able to inform in a way that shines light on the benefit of your products or services without coming off as manipulative or pushy.  This is equally valuable for employees who want to ask for a raise, job seekers who want to get hired and aspiring business owners who need investors.

2.) Builds respect. Part of effective communication is using assertiveness skills to express your expectations in a straightforward manner without stepping on other’s toes. By doing so, you simultaneously show self-confidence and respect, thus earning a good reputation and mutual respect from others.

3) Reduces fear. When you use good communication skills, people realize that they can trust you even if they don’t like what you say. They regard you as “safer” than someone who manipulates or throws hints.  What a way to gain new friends, supporters, clients and more!

4.) People care. Communication isn’t a one way street.  In fact, a huge part of effective communication is the simple art of listening.  When you actively listen and try to understand people, you show them that you care about their points of view.  The benefit here is that people will bend over backwards to help, support and create opportunities for those whom they believe sincerely care about them.

5.) Confusion subsides. Without good communication skills, people don’t understand each other’s ideas, expectations, or grievances.  Unfortunately, very little is accomplished when there is such a lack of clarity.  By communicating more effectively, you can reduce confusion, thus creating an environment ripe for positive interaction and problem resolution.

6.) High regard. With good communication skills, you never allow yourself to be walked on. People hold you in high regard, not because you allow them to have their way and walk all over you, but because you do not.  You present yourself as someone to admire, thus admiration swings in your direction.

7.) Maintains strong, valuable relationships. Good communication skills lead to relationships with mutual trust and respect—something that people value a great deal.  When people value their relationships with you, they stick around.  They want to strengthen and maintain the connection they have with you, which means you’re much less likely to have superficial relationships while employing effective communication skills.

8.) People take you at your word. As your communication skills lead to increased trust between you and others, they eventually stop wasting time trying to read between the lines.  They begin to realize that you will be honest and open with them, thus skepticism lessens and they believe in you.

9.) Increased referrals. When you have good communication skills, it’s easy to speak up and ask for referrals.  Moreover, people are quite eager to comply with your request.  They spread the word by recommending you to others, which means extra networking and relationship-building opportunities.

10.) Less anxiety. People often stuff their feelings when they feel unable to communicate effectively.  This leads to a build up of negative energy and anxiety.  Fortunately, good communication skills allow you to properly express yourself, get your needs met and leave some of that high anxiety behind.

11.) People listen to you. Others want to hear what you have to say when you have good communication skills.  They may not always do what you suggest, but they are more likely to give you their undivided attention and consider your points of view.

Improve Communication Skills12.) People want you on their team. When you are an effective communicator, people want you to be a part of whatever they’re doing.  Employers, schools, organizations, colleagues, potential mates—they want you on their team. That gives you amazing bargaining power and a lot more options than someone who doesn’t have effective communication skills.

So, what do you think about the importance of good communication skills?

How have your communication skills helped or hindered your progress and success?

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