4 Questions That Prove Clear Thinking Is Not Common Sense

4 Questions That Prove Clear Thinking Is Not Common Sense

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Clarity of thought helps us make decisions that will lead to the outcome we desire.  Unfortunately, at some point in our lives we give into the fast paced world around us and disregard the faculties of our own mind.  These faculties of reasoning, processing information, and determining truth help lead to clear thinking.  Clear thinking comes from having being informed.

Going through school we are taught to question things, at least in science class.  When I went to church it seemed quite the opposite.  Most people simply took what was spoken by the preacher as an unquestionable truth.  To not do so was almost heresy.

This goes against the very nature of being human though.  If God wanted us to not question things, why even give us the ability to reason?  For that matter, if we are given the freedom to choose, how are some things right and others wrong?  It seems hypocritical to give your kids freedom, and then say “However, these actions are punishable”.  That doesn’t seem like a benevolent god to me.

Enough of religion though, lets discuss some other aspects of life.  These are questions that few people have even considered to ask, much less been asked.  You may think the answer to them is obvious, but take some time to really ponder where you got your beliefs from.

Are the answers you put down things that you personally researched, studied and found definable, concrete answers to?  Or are they simply vague, wishy-washy answers you were told by someone else?  If they are the latter, you need to take the time to study them on your own.  It’s past time that you gave power over your mind to someone else.

What is money?

If  cash is money, then how did the first one ever get made?  Doesn’t it take money to make money?  So, if it didn’t exist already how was it made later?  Ah, you say that someone used “other money” to make it.

This is perhaps one of the least understood questions here, so I started with it.  Money is not a piece of paper, nor is it the gold that backs that paper up.  In reality, what backs the cash that we use up is the people of the country.  When other countries see us bailing out companies that are going bankrupt, they lose trust in the dollar bill.

It is nothing more than a medium of exchange that we use to express to others the same thing: value creation.  You grow corn for someone that knows nothing about it and they give you cash in return.  Each person knows how much a dollar bill is worth, not everyone knows what it takes to make that corn.  So the corn maker then negotiates a deal with others so that they get an idea of what kind of value it takes to get it from him.

How is it created?

You dig it up right?  No, you cut trees down and make paper, then mix that with cloth right?  Both are incorrect.  Money creation has nothing to do with materials, it has everything to do with people.

People going about their days, serving others.  Doing things that other people find valuable and offering an exchange of something in return.  Money doesn’t always have to be cash.  It can be a handshake, a hug, a kiss, or even just a smile.  It is created by what you do that others desire.

What is a relationship?

A relationship are the connections you have with other people.  Some of them are physical, like sports.  Others are emotional, like romantic relationships.  Many are simply professional, you speaking with people at work.

What is the meaning of marriage?

It really depends on who you ask.  In ancient times women were treated as property, given to men as a prize or gift.  At other times arranged marriages were done simply to help strengthen a country, or family.

In modern times, they still have different meanings.  To some they are a form of pairing off, giving oneself to the other only.  This (hopefully) means that you give yourself just as much emotionally as physically to each other.

What do you do in a bad marriage though?  Some people say never leave no matter what.  Others say only if they cheat, or abuse you.  Yet who decides what cheating is?  Did the two of you actually discuss and agree on what it is?  Or is it simply “known”?

Some say marriage is meant for a man and women only.  A covenant between the two until death, or eternity for others.  Some wish to marry someone of their own sex.

What is the purpose of sex?

Speaking of sex, why do we always think that you are only allowed to have sex with the person you are married to?  Or why do you have to wait before having sex?  Can’t sex simply be an enjoyable activity?  If you are doing safe sex practices isn’t that alright?

Is it just for procreation?  Only to be done to have kids and not at other times.


While everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, don’t just turn your brain off and not think about it.  I’m not saying one person or another is right, or wrong.  I’m simply saying that you need to free your mind from the dogma that holds you down from seeking the principles and truths that govern these areas of life.


Joneric Bohman has been doing self improvement for the last 10 years and finds it to be a real passion.  He desires to help provide thought provoking articles to help change the lives of many people.  Find more insightful articles at JonericBohman.com.

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