5 Life Transforming Truths For Doing Absolutely Nothing

September 5, 2020 0 By admin

I had a conversation with one of my daughters yesterday. She had recently moved from a conventional office setting to a home office environment and was feeling somewhat guilty for waiting to simply get up and leave that environment to at times do nothing. Her self worth is currently inextricably attached to the amount of work she perceives that she needs to do on a daily basis. At times we can be our worst taskmasters.

As her father and business coach I shared the following – ‘Man or woman looks out of window thinking great thought. That is great work. That is how great businesses, books, and blogs are first germinated – in the uncluttered mind.’

So allow me to share 5 truths why you should at times do absolutely nothing.

1. Be Uncluttered

We live in a world that rushes by at a frantic pace. Our minds, very easily, can be suddenly cluttered – full of all the images and messages thrust at us by the media in all its forms. A cluttered mind, like a cluttered office, will make at times, it very hard to make sense of it all.

This is when I draw aside – and I particularly find that being accompanied by a journal to de-clutter my mind helps greatly. Here I pour my thoughts out and on to a sheet of paper – and suddenly space is made available in the mind that a minute ago was confused and befuddled.

2. Be Refueled

When I put gas in my car’s tank it takes me so far before I need to pull aside to another gas station to fill it up again.

So too my mind.

The only way I can continue to write ‘magnificence’ as I call it – is that I spend some time each day reading or listening to another’s ‘magnificence’. The more I write, the more I need to read. The more I give, the more I need to receive.

Doing absolutely nothing at times, each day, allows me to draw upon the resources that will sustain me spiritually, mentally, socially, physically, and even financially.

3. Be Inspired

An inspired life is a fired life.

I love my open fire at home. But in order for the fire to be sustained I must first add the necessary wood required to fuel the flame.

To get started there needs to be an abundance of smaller twigs. But to sustain the fire I need to place larger logs in the hearth.

So when it comes to inspiration it may come first to reading my Daily Motivational Memos that contain an original quote of mine plus an additional 100 power packed and life changing words. Those additional 100 words expand upon the subject covered by the quote.

But then to be sustained I may require a self development course such as my Self Development Mastermind Program, that has been created to build people’s lives over a 6 month period through the use of text, audio and video presentations along with personal interaction with myself as their coach.

4. Be Discovered

Life is very much about the discovery of us – our strengths, our desires, our abilities, our passions, and our dreams.

Every day is a fresh unfolding for the seeker.

So times of solitude, when you do absolutely nothing, are times for, great discovery.

By simply drawing aside with your journal and pen in hand – with each stroke of the pen a new discovery will be unveiled.

5. Be

Some people call it meditation. But this is where you close the books, the journals, and put down your pen. Some like to close their eyes, while others like to view the world through fresh eyes.

This is the time that I take myself and immerse myself in nature itself – a walk along the beach or sitting in a bush land setting in the sun.

You choose the place. You choose the time to simply BE. Allow creation’s permeation to infiltrate your being. Don’t talk. Cease the chatter in your head and simply listen – for the answer awaits your question when you learn to simply be.


Motivational Memo: To be or not to be, that is the answer!

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