5 Tips to Find the Perfect Career for You

These days job dissatisfaction is one of the most common problems among people.

Many people are either dissatisfied with their jobs, hate the tasks they are assigned or  find it boring.

Just ask 10 people on a Sunday night how they feel and you will discover that the majority of them are feeling really bad because they will have to work the next morning.

Yes we all love to have fun and to wake up late but the reason many people hate Mondays is not that they want to rest but it’s because they hate what they are going to do on Monday.

In this post I will tell you about some tips that can help you find the perfect job for you.

5 effective tips for finding the perfect career for you:

1) Know yourself: One of the biggest reasons for job dissatisfaction is that people find themselves doing things that don’t suit their personalities. As a simple example if you are an introvert then certainly working as a sales person or in any job that forces you to interact with dozens of people each day will leave you feeling overwhelmed and under-productive at the end of the day. Understand your personality well to know what career suites you the most.

2) Don’t follow the crowd: The second reason people hate their jobs is that they follow the crowd without really thinking about what they want. A common example is when a person who prefers to work alone find himself in a job that requires team work. Everyone says that team work is amazing but for that specific people team work will lead to job dissatisfaction.

3) Handle unwanted emotions: Sometimes people don’t hate their jobs for the tasks they do but for the emotions they experience while doing the job. For example, some people hate their jobs because of the amounts of stress they experience while doing them. In such a case learning how to handle stress will help you become more satisfied with your job.

4) Find your hobbies and stick to them: The best thing you can ever do for yourself to find a great job is to develop your hobbies and to try to make a career out of them. I used to love computers and psychology very much and that’s why I was very happy to end up running a psychology related internet business.

5) Its ok to change your job: Some people will give you a shocked look when you tell them to change their jobs. What’s the point in sticking to a job that is making you sad while you can take a single step towards a job that can make you live a happier life?? You must weigh the fear of uncertainty of changing careers with the fear of what certainly be a lifetime full of dissatisfaction and frustration by spending the majority of your life at a job that you detest. Do the math.

M.Farouk Radwan is a guest blogger for PickTheBrain and the founder of 2KnowMyself.

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