8 Ways to Turn Your Life Around

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Ready to Turn Your Life Around?

This is a common time of year for evaluating what-is.  If you’re considering how to change your life in ways that bring more satisfaction and joy, I wish you great success and I hope these 8 ways to turn your life around will somehow serve you in the years to come.  You deserve the best, my friends.

1. Ask more questions. There’s so much in life that lies outside of the understanding that you have at any moment. What better way to discover new, more delightful, more empowering, more resourceful paths than to ask more questions. Don’t be afraid to question the meanings of life experiences, beliefs you’ve held for years, limitations that seem like reality and people who seem to know it all. Let your questions evolve as you evolve. The answers will reveal themselves. Simply open your mind and your heart to receive them.

2. Be more honest with yourself. We all expect others to be honest with us, so why not commit to giving yourself the same courtesy. If you’re telling yourself that you can’t move forward, you don’t have time, you’re not good enough, or that someone else is responsible for your feelings; try giving these lies a rest. Sort through the messages in your head and decide to tell yourself a different story. A true story.

3. Take action. Instead of getting stuck in analysis and planning mode while waiting on the perfect time to move forward… Do something! That doesn’t mean contemplating, thinking or talking about what you might do. Those are nice starting places, but they get you nowhere without action. Action is the next step. It’s the “stuff” that gets you from point A to point B. So, instead of procrastinating in perfectionism mode, move forward—not necessarily in a way that you’re certain is best, but in a way that is something other than sitting safely on the fence. After all, you can’t expect to turn your life around if you won’t make any turns at all.

4. Do less. When it comes to activities that you do out of obligation, habit or anything other than an inspired desired to do so—do less. Do much less. Life is far more fulfilling when you’re not just taking action, but taking right action. If you junk away your time in ways that don’t feel good, the results will keep you distanced for your “happy place”. You’ll feel tired, worn out, resentful, overwhelmed and under-satisfied. To see how much of your life is dedicated to something other than your life purpose, write down where your time is going. Go back over the list to check off the ones that you’re inspired and highly motivated to do—the ones that bring you some sense of joy or deep satisfaction. If the vast majority of the items aren’t checked, it’s time to reexamine your life and build a structure that works for you.

5. Do more. Doing more of the activities that are aligned with your purpose is absolutely necessary for creating amazing changes in your life. More importantly, however, it can be great fun. Bust through the excuses that are pulling you away from what matters to you. Not enough time? Make time. Not enough opportunities? Make opportunities. Your life is what you make it, so make it worth bragging about.

6. Grow some balls. To be clear, this is for both ladies and gents. There are times when you need to speak your mind, but you bite your tongue instead; and times when you feel called forward, but the fear of risk keeps you stuck. In the most respectful way possible, I’m suggesting that you grow a pair. A move outside of your comfort zone may be just what it takes to get where you want to go. After all, you can’t expect to turn your life around if you’re too scared to make any turns at all.

7. Hire a Life Coach. Reaching out for help isn’t always easy, but it can definitely be worth it. Working with a Transformational Life Coach is about fully committing to the process of changing your life. No more room for putting it off or expecting everything to magically fall into place. With someone who is professionally trained to help you turn your life around, you can overcome self-doubt, work through your fears, discover your life purpose, accomplish your goals, improve your relationships or simply figure out what’s beneath the nagging feeling that something is missing in your life.

8. Revise Your What Ifs. Instead of worrying about the scary possibilities that may happen if you make a move in the direction of your dreams, make a positive what-if list. This means deliberately picking out all of the greatest possible options. These options are available to you, so why not get tuned in, tapped in and turned on with them. What if you make the best of it…what if you succeed beyond your wildest dreams…what if you become a shining example to everyone around you…what if you soar to the top in all your awesomeness? What if you turn your life around?

Photo by: Andreas Heyden

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