Are You Powerful Enough to Change Your Life?

Are You Powerful Enough to Change Your Life?

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3371208939_cc95f535b9_bWhat is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the word power? What about powerful? Do you have images of mighty rulers, saints, leaders? People with loads of strength or stamina, money or authority, the gift of gab? What about big groups, governmental bodies or organizations?

If you’re like most people, the one thing that does not come to mind immediately when you think of power is yourself. Why is that?

Redefining Power

The heavy association of power with those who use it to control or take advantage of others often stands in the way of our ability to embrace the idea of being powerful or empowered in its purest form. Yet each of us, from the tiniest baby to the most elderly Soul among us, is indeed a powerful being with much to offer the world.

This type of natural, inherent, irrevocable power is like a license to consciously create our own lives. It is the mindset from which we take chances, ignore the naysayers, look beyond limitations and choose how we will “show up” in the world. It is what allows us to shatter every theory about what is unthinkable, unsurvivable, hopeless and impossible.

To truly understand the gift of empowerment, we must let go of the negative connotations and disassociate power from the abuse or misuse of it. True power is not threatening or harmful in anyway.Instead of fearing it, simply embrace it.

Why Personal Power Is a Good Thing

When you have a healthy sense of your personal power, you take nothing from others. In fact, such an awareness helps you to let other people off the hook a bit. You become conscious of the power you have to create your reality; so you waste far less time placing blame, holding others responsible for making you happy and burdening people with expectations that they may not be ready to live up to.

Owning your personal power allows you to get unstuck from the trap of focusing on what is done to you, what happens to you, what you can’t do and what’s wrong with the world around you. You let go of the victim role, which simultaneously releases everyone in your life from the victimizing role that they play in your mind. I don’t need to tell you what this type of shift can do for the quality of the relationships in your life. But that’s not it.

When you tap into your personal power and share the results that show up in your life, you indirectly influence and encourage others to do the same. Your power shines through, extending itself to everyone who comes into contact with you. It provides them a preview of what their own Higher Self is capable of—and in many cases it is contagious.

How to Live an Empowered Life

So how can you own your power? How can you live a life that authentically represents the empowered person you were born to be?

For starters, turn your attention to the mirror. In every situation where you feel hurt, wronged, stuck or victimized; challenge yourself to acknowledge your feelings and then move out of the powerless victim mentality. Ask yourself empowering questions like:

  • How can I make this better?
  • How can I feel better about this?
  • How can I at least not make this worse?
  • What can I take responsibility for?
  • Who am I being right now?
  • What can I do about it?
  • What part do I have control over?
  • What am I afraid of?
  • What am I thinking that’s creating my feeling about this?
  • What’s the bright side?
  • Why am I really staying stuck?

The answers to these may sometimes be blurry or painful to accept, but you have what it takes to journey outside of your comfort zone.

The Consciously Empowered You

As you grow as a consciously empowered being, you begin to see that the possibilities available to you completely defy logic. You see, through the eyes of your Soul, that you and you alone have power over your life. Your reality is transformed as if by magic. Fear slowly dissipates. Courage leads the way. A sense of freedom, confidence, peace of mind and self-reliance replaces the inclination to take whatever is dished out in your direction.

You realize that powerlessness is nothing more than a very convincing figment of a poorly functioning imagination. It is not real, but its manifestations are easy to recognize: control (or trying to control), blame, complaining, depression, stagnation, procrastination, giving up, insecurity—everything that comes along with trying to deny the truth. So what is the truth?

The truth is that you are powerful beyond measure. You were whole, complete and perfect at birth; and that will never change. There is no person or circumstance that can steal what is absolutely, unconditionally, uncompromisingly yours.

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