Are you really unhappy? Check yourself out here

Are you really unhappy? Check yourself out here

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Some people think that they are always unlucky, stressed out and unhappy.

No matter what the day is, no matter what the season is, when you meet them, they start out with their problems (I will define what’s a problem and an activity, later in this post) and magnify every little point to larger than life extent.

If not their personal problems, they start blaming others, government, politics and you name it they have their negative remarks ready for it. In other words they flood you with negativity and you start wondering that life is so unfair for them.

This article is for them. If you are one of them, then this article is for you.


Because I truly want to you help you and make you life more enjoyable and stress-free. I want to elevate you to a higher level and equip you with tools and action points to handle problems (wait for my definition of a problem). Be with me for the rest of this article.

Difference between a problem and an activity

When you face an unexpected situation or unplanned task, instead of embracing stress and start getting panic attacks, stop here for a moment.

Is this really a problem? Or it could be an additional activity you need to perform. Then just do it. Don’t think too much that why this is happening for you. If you don’t know what is that additional action you need to take, then just ask others and seek help. Finish the matter. Become stress free. Now tell me was that really a problem?


Let me reverse engineer the situation for you. You would have considered this additional activity as a blocking stone and kept on procrastinating and increased your stress levels reaching nowhere.


No, I don’t want you to do that. I am provoking you for an action. Problem solved.


Activity is different than problem. Activity is something you need to do anyway and you know how to do it. Problem is you don’t want to do it.


So plan well, get information, finish one task at a time. Be happy.

Stop the negative streams

Yes, stop it. If you feel you are getting negative news from TV then stop watching that channel or even better switch off TV. If you think you are constantly influenced by negative thinking friends, then deal with them.


Don’t expect perfection in everything

Don’t expect perfection in everything you see. Mistakes do happen once in a while from everyone including you. When someone commits a mistake, point it out positively and offer the solution. We are only human.


Involve yourself in a hobby

Whether it’s listening to music or learning a new language or playing chess. Make sure that you give yourself a leisure time. Read inspiring content and motivate yourself.


Stop comparing yourself to others

This may be the one of the root causes for your so called unhappiness feeling. Understand that everyone is unique and blessed with their own happiness or faced with own challenges (note that I have not said problems).


So focus on yourself. Reduce distractions. Invest in yourself. Eliminate fluff. Don’t fall for the comparison trap.

Free up yourself from undue stress.

Do above small changes to your life. Your unhappiness is just an illusion. You are already happy. You just need to realize it.


About author: Naveen Kulkarni writes about ideas for enhancing your life on his blog Winning Ideas.

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