Four Steps To Tap Into The Power Of Fear

Four Steps To Tap Into The Power Of Fear

April 2, 2020 Off By admin

Fear is something you probably avoid at all costs.

If you’re nervous in elevators, you might take the stairs.

If you’re afraid of heights, you probably wouldn’t go on a skiing vacation.

And if you’re scared of the ocean, the beach is most likely not on your list of hot spots is it?

What does it really cost you to try to live without fear?

If you’re afraid of being hurt or taken advantage of in a relationship, if you’re terrified to leave your dead-end job or if you simply try to keep yourself busy to avoid worry about money and other day to day things…

It’s official. Fear is taking over your life and you’re letting it happen.

Even if you’ve “figured” out how to push it away , you’re still giving a tremendous amount of energy to fear by trying to avoid it.

If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em is, a fun way to say – just accept what you can’t change, which is an outrageous way to think about fear.

You can’t get angry to avoid fear, you can’t ignore it for long, and you can’t let it swallow you whole…

Or can you?

What if you could find a way to look at your fear, high five it, and surrender to its power and ride that bitch straight to freedom of your soul, just like a champion surfer greets and rides gigantic 10-20 foot wave ?

What if you could see waves of fear as a sign that you’re present?

What if every time you got scared, you felt joy at the fact you’re present – right here and now in the middle of it?

What if fear was your invitation to raise your hand saying you’re ready, able and willing to take the hint and move forward once and for all?

How outrageous would that feel?

Fear is your FRIEND.

It’s your greatest tool – a super charged magnifying glass to your biggest blocks of what’s holding you back, with the power to start turning your perceived barriers into stepping stones.

If you could LOOK for the fear hidden beneath almost every single “negative” emotion you have such as anger, sadness, depression or frustration, do you truly understand how outrageous you would feel??

When you get mad at someone for rejecting your idea, isn’t there some fear based belief tucked away quietly reminding you that no one will ever understand or appreciate you?

If fear became your door to the next level of you, would you ever run from it again?

Once you see fear is just the child in you grasping at some unknown limiting belief you’ll be able to use the power of fear for good- YOUR good. And here is my 4 step process for tapping it the power of fear any time you want to:

1. Face it.

Just say hello and sit with it instead of pushing it away or resisting it. If you kept hearing a strange noise in the middle of the night, it’s not until you turn on the light to see what it is, that you can relax right? It’s the same with fear. Facing fear just simply means flipping on your internal light switch by acknowledging it.

2. Embrace It.

Feel the fear and let is course through you. Mentally say, “I’m feeling fearful about being good enough at my job for my boss. If I’m not good enough he’ll fire me. If he fires me I can’t pay my rent and it also will mean I’m a bad person and might never find another job.” Just embrace how that feels knowing it is only an illusion conjured up to point you in a a better direction.

3. Accept It.

Once you’ve said hello to your fear, welcome it tand accept how angry, sad or depressed it makes you feel. Accept the limitations of your processing unit and stop resisting the reality you’ve got a fear inside of you limiting the power of your belief system. Acceptance is your key to dropping your resistance and therefore reducing the amount of suffering you are experiencing.

4. Rejoice.

Now it’s time to use fear as the catalyst to get deep inside and fix what is broken because fear is the squeaky wheel that says, “Hey something isn’t working over here.” Each pain point in your life is the symptom of a greater root cause. By facing, embracing and accepting your fears you can leverage fear to blow through the illusions and roadblocks keeping you from tapping into your true potential. Watch pure joy and gratitude come when you learn to celebrate the insight you just had and comfort yourself with words of encouragement every time you face, embrace and accept your fears – they rejoice at how free you feel!

This is the greatest gift you can give yourself!

Allowing fear to fester lowers your frequency and ability to focus on attracting opportunities to move your forward. Even if your heart just got broken and your fear is driving you to believe you’ll never be loved – it’s an amazing vehicle for your immediate transformation.

Fear can get you back on track to loving you, raising your vibration to send out signals to other people who are also in a state of self-love to start coming your way. The same goes for abundance and other desires you might have.

Being aware of your fear and accepting the limitations of your processing unit (your personality and image) will guide you to the path of least resistance to outrageously growing yourself once and for all.

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