Get Over Your Life – It Doesn’t Have to Be Miserable

Get Over Your Life – It Doesn’t Have to Be Miserable

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Is life slapping you in the face every time you turn around? Don’t stand there and turn the other cheek.

You don’t have to be miserable forever. You can change your life and have an awesome one.

You can have a life in which you smile every morning and feel excitement to start the new day. You can have happiness and fun. No longer fearing what aggravation will wait for you.

Instead of flying off the handle every time something bad happens, you could take it all in stride. Imagine – sighing, picking up the pieces, putting things back in order and move on as if nothing happened. How good does that sound?

If you’re sick of living life as a human punching bag, make some positive changes that will last a lifetime. You could finally be one of those people you hate to be around, the ones that seem to be happy all the time.

How is that they are always like that, anyway? You’re about to find out a few of their secrets.

Attack, Squash and Move On

Bad things happen to everyone. No one is immune to that. The differences between people who are happy and miserable people are that happy ones know what to do when something bad happens.

They attack it, like a vulture on prey. As soon as something look like it’s about to go awry they are on top of it to squash it.

If they aren’t able to stop the crisis from happening, they do everything in their power to control every part of it until it’s resolved.  They take it over and do whatever they have to do to resolve it. Once it’s resolved, they take a deep breath, relax and move on with a smile.

So what does it feel like after an accomplishment like that? Image yourself conquering a crisis with control and strength. Now you know can take on anything life wants to throw your way. You are ready.

Remove the Problem Source

Does life keep slapping you in the face from the same direction? In other words, is there someone or something that’s causing you problems?

Find the origin of your problems to either fix it or eliminate it. If it’s a relationship, you might have to talk to the person about her behavior or make changes to your environment.

The point of this life change is to identify the source of why you are miserable and make a change instead of just living with it. Remember, don’t subject yourself to living like this – make a change.

Change Yourself When You Can’t Change Others

So you can’t always change other people or the world around you, so in this case, you’ll have to change the way you react. The good news is that many times, people will change the way they act when you change the way you react.

Follow these steps to change your reaction to your world:

  1. When someone makes you upset, express that the topic of conversation upsets you, offer to change the topic, and if that doesn’t work, end the conversation.
  2. Guests with boundary issues should be confronted with an expression of your needs such as, “I need time to get ready for your arrival.” with a follow up request such as, “Will you please call me a day or two ahead of time next time?”
  3. Do not feed people who insult you with comebacks or satisfy them with your discontent. Instead, smile and express your self-approval and love by saying nothing or saying, “I am sorry but I disagree with your opinion.”
  4. Stop pleasing others and start pleasing yourself. You can’t make everyone happy all of the time. So stop trying because all you’ll do is disappoint yourself in the end. You don’t need that. As long as you make yourself proud, you’ll always be happy.
  5. When you feel unhappy with something in your life, make a change to ease that unhappiness. If you feel guilty about something, do what you feel guilty about so you don’t feel guilty anymore. As long as you learn to listen to your inner self, you’ll be giving yourself what you need and making yourself happy.

Your Life Needs a Leader

The reason why it seems as though your life is so out of control is that it doesn’t have a leader. Lead your life starting now.

You’ll start to see how much better it feels to be in control of what happens every day. How much more you can get done. How good it feels not to feel like the world is fighting against you.

It’s time to step out of misery and into happiness. You deserve this after everything you’ve been through.

Marcelina Hardy, MSEd is the founder of Achieve Brilliance Life Coaching, empowering professional women to achieve success in business and life. Learn more about how life coaching services can help you succeed on the Achieve Brilliance website.


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