How to Change Your Thinking by Using Self-Affirmations

How to Change Your Thinking by Using Self-Affirmations

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Your mind is an interesting tool and lives in symbiosis with the sensations from your body. It is proven that your emotions can alter your perceptions and actions, but also that your actions can alter your mood.

All the time these two factors affect each other, that is why smiling when sad makes you happier and it is why you laugh when you find something funny.

I learned a long time ago to tell myself “I like myself!”
Telling yourself that you like yourself affects your mind and increases your sense of self worth.

Before I used this exercises it was as if I had a little voice in my head saying;
“Ooh, that looks difficult, you can’t do that, stay away!”.

By using self affirmations I have been able to drown that voice out and replace it with a voice screaming

Obviously this voice is a lot more motivating and helps me keep my courage up when I feel scared or insecure.

Self affirmations have the potential to help you change your mindset and your emotions, by repeatedly feeding yourself positive thoughts you can make yourself more motivated, happier, more relaxed and more confident.

Every morning I read the following passage out loud:
“I like myself
I love my work
I am going to be happy today
I can do it!

I like myself
I love my work
I am going to be happy today
I can do it!

I like myself
I love my work
I am going to be happy today
I can do it!”

You can use anything you need
Telling myself this has made me happier at work, more confident, happier and it has helped me take more action.

Try using this, or something else that might fit you better.
You can tell yourself anything, my advice is to always say it in an active form e.g. I am, I have. Instead of I will, I wish.
It is a lot more powerful to say “I like myself” than “I will like myself”.

Some suggestions
I deserve success
I am a good X
I am motivated
I am the best Y
I am great

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