How To Develop What’s Going On ‘In Your ‘ead’

‘Such as are thy habitual thoughts will be the character of the mind, for the soul is dyed by the thoughts.’ Marcus Aurelius Antoninus

I recently heard the statement – ‘It’s all in your ‘ead!’

These five words contain an incredible amount of powerful information, which once understood and applied, can transform your life.

For it is what’s happening within our head that will determine the type of career you command, the state of your business, the condition of your love life, the amount of money you make, the house you live in, the car you drive, and even the quality of your friends.

In fact – the state of your mind, and what’s going on ‘in your ‘ead’, will determine the life you lead while here on planet earth.

Here is what you must do…


1. Identify Your Habitual Thoughts

Pause for a moment and consider your thoughts.

Where do your thoughts spend most of their time?

Well let me enlighten you and share where my thoughts, as a younger man, spent their time.

They were usually thoughts defined by the following questions or statements:

  • How can I ever afford it?
  • I’m not good enough.
  • I can never do that.
  • I could never be like them.
  • I could never drive that.
  • I don’t have sufficient education to achieve that.
  • What’s the use?
  • It’s too hard.
  • What if I fail?
  • I’ll never make it.
  • There’s just no way that they’re going to pick me.
  • No one understands how I feel.

And there were many more.

Have you ever heard some of those same voices in your head? If so, it’s time to change.

2. Develop Better Habitual Thoughts

Once I recognized that I was ‘shooting myself in the foot’ by allowing those negative thoughts to run rampant in my mind, it was time to develop better habitual thoughts.

So over time those thoughts were exchanged with…

  • I can do all things.
  • Nothing’s impossible to me
  • If I fail I have learnt another lesson that will carry me to success.
  • I deserve to live here.
  • I am worthy of driving this.
  • I am a success.
  • I am healthy.
  • I have influence.
  • There is nothing that I cannot learn to do.
  • I am a leader, not just a follower.
  • I create magnificence.
  • I love and I am loved.
  • I prosper.
  • I will find a way.
  • I’m excited about life.

See what a dramatic difference there is between poor habitual thoughts and these rich habitual thoughts?

3. Reap The Benefits From Developing Better Habitual Thoughts

Once you exchange your poor for rich thought habits, you will begin, over time, to see the benefit of making such an exchange.

Your benefits may be different to mine because we are different and have different goals and dreams, but please allow me to share some of the benefits that I’ve experienced since taking control of my mind.

  • To date I have written three best selling books that have been sold both in my own country and in the UK.
  • I now write a blog that is currently read by people from 155 nations and is growing at an alarmingly rapid rate.
  • I’m more in love with my queen (my wife) of 28 years than ever before.
  • I’m the proud father of three dynamic and highly gifted young adults – two of whom now own and operate their own successful businesses while the third and youngest manages one of my companies.
  • I’m the owner of multiple businesses in the web design, hairdressing and online/offline publishing industries.
  • I’m a professional speaker and business coach.
  • I prosper in spirit, soul and body.
  • I love what I do and do what I love.
  • I have the awesome daily privilege of teaching people from all around the world to become the best that they can possibly become.
  • I am expanding my influence through the gifts that I’ve nurtured and developed over the years.
  • I want for nothing, and every day is a joy to behold.

Now that’s enough about me, let’s hear how you’ve begun to benefit from the development of better habitual thoughts?

Motivational Memo: To think is to be.



Peter G. James Sinclair is in the ‘heart to heart’ resuscitation business and inspires, motivates and equips others to be all that they’ve been created to become. Receive your free copy of his latest eBook Personal Success Blueprint at – http://www.motivationalmemo.com and add him on Twitter @PeterGJSinclair – today!

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