How To Improvise: Life is Better If You Don’t Plan!

How To Improvise: Life is Better If You Don’t Plan!

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I recently finished reading a very interesting book called Improv Wisdom: Don’t Prepare, Just Show Up, by Patricia Ryan Madson. This book is an invitation to be natural, spontaneous and experience the gift of every moment.

In fact, improvisation is the best strategy to use after finding your purpose in life.

Almost all my life purpose coaching clients jump into goal setting and planning after they find their passion and purpose in life.

They believe that this is the best logical step to follow.

But they get surprised when they realize that I don’t recommend, and am totally against planning at this stage.

Don’t Plan NOW

When you find your passion and purpose, you experience one of the biggest transformational points in your life.

You enter a new ground that you still don’t know its shape, map and dynamics.

First, you need to get familiar with the changes on the ground, the new people you will interact with and the reactions of the people you already know.

That’s why you need to master improvisation.

How To Improvise!

  1. Learn how to best respond to life as it happens to you.
  2. Look for ways to make the best out of every moment.
  3. Just show up and do the next best possible step your mind can think of.
  4. Try everything. You still don’t know what works and what doesn’t.
  5. Be a YES man (or woman) and seize every opportunity.

As your understanding of the ground increases, you will begin to grasp the big picture of what you are heading towards.

Now You Can Plan

Only then you can set goals and lay out action plans to achieve these goals.

But until you reach this step, you only need to improvise and live in the NOW where everything really happens.

Improvisation is a great strategy for the new arrivals to the land of passionate living. Explore the ground and enjoy the now … that’s your first priority.

And when you are able to see the big picture, you can start doing some planning.



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