How to Use Fear as Fuel (And Leave it Behind Once and For All)

How much of your life has evaporated forever due to unnecessary fear?

Probably more than you realize.

While surrendering to your fear may provide temporary relief, it can also lead to feelings of helplessness, hopeless, anguish and regret, looping together in a viciously twisted circle that can keep you imprisoned from doing your best.

Fear harbors a painful gaze, and staring it down can hurt. But only momentarily. And the benefit left behind might last you the rest of your life.

Think of the confident people you know – the ones who know what they want, then aim for it without apology. They’re no different from you. They feel fear, insecurity, and the wretches of needless worry. Difference is, they’ve found a way to use their fear as fuel and ignite their fire for life, rather than allowing it to fade to ash.


What are you REALLY afraid of?


In the past, when terror has held you back, what is it you feared most?




Don’t be ashamed of your fear. It’s your mind’s protection. Think how awful it would be to live a life where you weren’t true to your core values. A life where you aren’t working towards what really matters to you most.

A life filled with regrets, what ifs, why didn’t I’s, and that sure would have changed everythings.

Think, then decide.

What are you more afraid of?

How to use this fear as fuel


Use what you really fear for your life as a starting point to define what you truly want to accomplish with your time on Earth.

See the world?

Raise a family?

Exercise your creativity?

Help others in a way that is meaningful for you?

There are no right or wrong answers, only what your own heart yearns to do.

As you map a plan to reach your goals, there will be steps that will march you right into the inky black of bottomless fear. And it will be tempting to avoid those steps and reach for immediate relief instead.

But don’t do it.

When fear coils around your ankles like a venemous snake ready to strike, remember who you are and what you want, then remind yourself you deserve the best possible life.

Start small – each time you overcome your fears, you’ll see the only power they hold over you is that which you give them. Each victory will make you stronger. Soon it will be easier to draw a deep breath and face your next challenge without flinching.

Eventually, you’ll be able to shift in your thinking. You’ll no longer be stumbling in the face of fear – you’ll be running toward your goals instead.

You’ll always feel hesitation or uncertainty when you stretch and grow – this is a good thing, a good sign. A sign you are still expanding and refusing to stagnate. It’s what helps you to prepare and gives you the time and support you need to make the most out of your life’s journey.

See these feelings for what they are and you’ll never be intimidated enough to turn back.


Sean Platt is author of the books Penny to a Million and Writing Online. Follow him on Twitter.

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