Inspirational Thoughts: Celebrate Your Awesomeness

Inspirational Thoughts: Celebrate Your Awesomeness

May 26, 2020 Off By admin
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Hello again, my friends.  Our self improvement journey last week focused a great deal on change. Today’s inspirational thoughts; however, will take you on a journey that seems the complete opposite.  I’ll keep this post short because I want you to do something very special with the next moments of your life.

I want you to focus your undivided attention on your own awesomeness.  Start by thinking of 2 things that you do very well. Maybe you’re good at cooking, driving or making people laugh.  Maybe you bring comfort to your friends, keep things organized or rock crying babies to sleep.  It doesn’t matter how seemingly small it is, just think of what you’re good at and write it down.  Now say aloud: My name is ________ and I am amazing at _______________.

Say it and really think about it.  It may seem insignificant to you, but there is someone out there beating himself up for being not-so-good at what you’re great at.  There is someone who feels flawed in areas where you are skilled.  In fact, there’s a pretty good chance that you’d criticize yourself you were not good at the things you’re good at.  So, why not praise yourself just as fervently?  Why not slice in half the energy that you put into critiquing, changing and improving your flaws; and use it to celebrate yourself.

You see, there is so much more to you than your flaws.  You are more than some person who needs to change this or improve that.  You are a person with talents, gifts, successes and positive traits.  Don’t leave the best parts of yourself starving for your attention.

Today, add something special to your agenda.  Carve out a little block of time to use for the sole purpose of celebrating your awesomeness.  What have you accomplished in your life?  What are your best qualities?  Think of yourself in the highest light, compliment yourself, love and appreciate yourself.

Change, of course, is necessary and beneficial; but always remember the value of who you are in the present moment.

You are wonderful. You are awesome. I appreciate the light in you—and I hope you’ll open your eyes to see yourself in the same way.

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