Inspirational Thoughts: Choose Your Destiny, Live Your Destiny

December 6, 2020 Off By admin

“It’s choice–not chance–that determines your destiny.” Jean Nidetch

What could be more inspiring than knowing for sure that YOU WILL live your destiny? Perhaps very few things, aside from knowing that you also CHOOSE that destiny.

22997399023_79bb0177ed_bYou are not a slave to some static, predetermined outcome that’s completely out of your control. That is, unless you think you are. Other than your core destiny, which is simply to be, you are without limitation.

You can be happy or sad, aware or naive, dreadful or zestful, rich or poor. Your destiny is multidimensional, flexible, dynamic, and—most importantly—determined solely by you.

If you ever question the significance of your being, simply remember that your thoughts are among the most powerful magnetic forces in the Universe. Because of you—a magnet to whatever you choose to believe— so very much is possible. What might you attract with that magnetism today? Tomorrow? Throughout your life?  Will it be joy, peace, knowledge, prosperity? What about kind people, fun experiences, deep love, amazing opportunities? You need only to put it out if you want to receive it.

If you stand for kindness, offer a kind attitude even to those who aren’t so kind to you. If it is prosperity that’s of importance to you, exhibit mental prosperity and share as generously as you can with others. No kind thought or generous action is in vain. Reciprocation IS your destiny. What will be reciprocated to you?

Everyday is one ripe with opportunities to choose your destiny by living your destiny. Will you face the world with a positive disposition, drawing nearer and nearer the best life experiences possible? Will you find something to be thankful for even on the darkest days, thereby brightening the world with your very own internal sunshine?

It is my wish for you that, if nothing else, you realize your own empowerment over your life. May you never forget that you were born 100% equipped with the tools you need to choose the destiny you desire.

Remember…It is that which you desire, not the lack of it, that deserves the power of your focused thoughts and beliefs. I hope that today’s inspirational thoughts have further inspired you to choose, attract, create and allow what is rightfully yours: Your destiny.

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If you have a moment, please share in the comment section what you plan to do with the power of your creative, magnetic thoughts today. How will you choose your destiny? How will you live your best life?

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