Inspirational Thoughts: Get Happy Now

Inspirational Thoughts: Get Happy Now

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My friend, you are alive and awake today. What will you do with such an amazing gift?  You can take it for granted, convinced that you’ll get another and another and another.  Or you can give yourself a reason to celebrate life right now.

Before you waste a single moment hanging your head and griping about work, traffic or a fight with your spouse; open yourself to these inspirational thoughts.

Happiness is ALWAYS, even on a “bad” day, within your grasp.  But it won’t chase you down. To experience happiness in life, you must choose happiness day after day after day. There’s no better time to start than the present moment.

Stop whatever you are doing or thinking and take a moment to get happy about something right now.  Flowers, lakes, beaches, trees; your garden, pet, favorite scent; a warm embrace or a positive affirmation; the sun’s infinite rays or the smile of someone you love.

No matter how simple or complex it is, just think of something that brings you joy.  Now close your eyes and give it your undivided attention.

Using your emotions as your guide, allow your thoughts to transform this moment into one of sheer bliss.  Happy thoughts elevate your existence, for as long as you offer no resistance.

Stay with these happy thoughts and feelings for as long as you desire before opening your eyes, realizing that happiness is a state of mind that you can choose at anytime.

Going forward into your day, know that nothing and no one can stand between you and happiness in life.  Not your childhood or family, boss or spouse, media or government, financial status or living conditions.  You have the power to see anything in a new light.  You have the power to redirect your thoughts, thereby revitalizing your feelings and getting to happiness whenever you please.

Whatever hurts or angers, does not deserve your dominant focus.  Find something else to do, to talk about doing, or to think about doing.  Find someone different to talk with, to talk about, or to think about.

You can mope around feeling bored, hopeless or aggravated; or you can offer your attention to all that feels amazing.  Just remember, happiness in life is a day-to-day choice that only you can make for you. Choose it again and again.

Throughout this day and all others, remember that your thoughts are the powerful creators of your reality. Use them wisely, my friend. Focus intently on what brings you to happiness, knowingly attracting matching circumstances into your life.

Think happy thoughts. Celebrate happiness. Celebrate life.

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