Inspirational Thoughts: Just Wanna Have Fun!

Inspirational Thoughts: Just Wanna Have Fun!

November 17, 2020 Off By admin

have fun inspirational thoughts
Welcome to another week, another day, another moment.  This week in my life is all about fun.  Will you join me?

We do a lot of goal setting, deep thinking and hard work during our self improvement journey; but what about the not-so-serious side of life?  Are you making time to the enjoy the youth that forever lives within you? Or have you completely lost touch with your inner child?

This week’s inspirational thoughts encourage you to explore life in ways that have nothing to do with obligations, demands or expectations.  This is a time for fun and celebration.  Granted it may not be your birthday or a major holiday; and maybe you feel like there’s nothing to celebrate.  But look around.  For Heaven’s sake, look in the mirror! You, my friend, are worth celebrating. Your body, your health, your friends, your smile. What wonderful things to get excited about!

Don’t be a dull, stuffy, old grown up. Life is a marvelous present; one you don’t want to forget to have fun with.  Give up that all-work-and-no-play attitude and let your sunshine shine through.  Having fun reduces stress, which improves your immune system and your state of mind.  Therefore, you have nothing to feel guilty about.  Having fun is just as important to your overall well-being as working, studying and trying to make a difference in the world.

If you’ve never thought of fun as a success skill, I hope you’re gaining a new perspective.  Your life is only as good as it feels. And having fun feels great. So what can you do?

Play a game, dance a jig or run in the rain.  Take your kids (or someone’s kids) to a fun place…and follow their guide.  If you’re almost always on the run, maybe you can have fun by NOT doing some of your usual stuff.  Skip a class, play hooky from work, or allow yourself an extra day to complete that project.

If this all sounds like a waste of time to you, or you just prefer to put off the fun part of life until later; remember that later isn’t promised to you.  Enjoy yourself right now.  Do something that excites and scares you at the same time.  Go bungee jumping, skiing or skydiving.  Do something that’s crazy and wild, or  childish and silly.  Sing karaoke, swing at the park, dance until dawn.

If only for a few hours per week, give yourself permission to have a blast.  Make no apologies about taking time to recharge your batteries.  The better you feel, the better you can be as a mother or father, brother or sister, husband or wife, friend, co-worker, and member of the human race.

Enjoy your freedom. Enjoy this moment. Enjoy your life.

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It’s comment time. Are you getting a daily dose of fun? Weekly? Monthly? What will you do to have fun this week?

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