Inspirational Thoughts: Let Your Gratitude Muscles Pick You Up

1441274_2746d7bfWe all know that it’s pleasing to others when we express appreciation.  But the benefits of an attitude of gratitude neither begin nor end there.  Did you know that feeling gratitude for others is one of the best ways to make yourself feel better?  That may seem a bit odd to some, but I invite you to join me in putting this little theory to the test. If you’re up for the challenge, join me in this powerful little gratitude and appreciation exercise for the next 7 days.

Each day this week, take a few moments away to do nothing but think of someone to appreciate.   Just one person who added something of value to your life.

There are no limits here. The person you feel appreciation for doesn’t need to be someone you interact with today.  It doesn’t need to be someone who saved your life or did something else remarkably unforgettable.  It can be someone who has earned your appreciation directly or indirectly, drastically or modestly, knowingly or unknowingly.

The person you feel gratitude for may be a family member, friend or teacher.  It may be a service person, someone who is no longer alive, or even someone you’ve never met.

The important thing with this gratitude and appreciation exercise is to spend time appreciating the positive ways in which the contributions of others have touched your life.

If, for some reason, you have trouble with this, think of something (instead of someone) that you appreciate.  Once you have that something in mind, think of a person who is connected to that something.  For example, if you feel gratitude for the beautiful blue sky, maybe you can appreciate the people who educate others on clean energy and love for the environment. Think of the time, energy or dedication that they put forth. Hold them in your thoughts for several months with a powerfully, positive focus.

Notice how easy it is to feel good when you’re focused on appreciation.  The more time you spend on this exercise, the better you’ll feel.  As you allow yourself to think of people to thank, you’ll slowly realize just how much you have to be thankful for. Allow this attitude of gratitude to fully consume you as you consume the positive vibration that flows forth from it.

Be inspired, motivated and energized from a place deep within you.  This place is one that you can always turn to you when you’re feeling down and out.  It’s a place where you can pick yourself up by merely feeling the benefits of your connection with everything and everyone around you.

I wish you a wonderful week, but before I go I’d like to share a brief excerpt from my own gratitude list.

I feel immense gratitude and appreciation for:

  • The people who work in all weather conditions building streets and highways that allow me thousands of smooth rides back and forth from one destination to another
  • Every person who gives an animal a safe, happy home
  • The librarian who always helps me find what I’m looking for
  • The awesome nerdy-types who develop new technologies that spoil me rotten
  • My precious daughter who challenges and motivates me, but never lets me forget that sometimes you just need to take a “chill pill”
  • The seamstress who made my favorite blanket
    Minnie Mouse, who always makes me smile when I see her big ears and cheery face
  • The landscapers who beautifully manicure lawns, plant flowers, and install irrigation systems that give me beautiful scenery to observe in our neighborhood
  • My super friendly mailman and all the other postal service workers (and FedEx/UPS people) who help to add the major convenience of mail and package deliveries to my life.
  • Esther Hicks – for bringing the teachings of Abraham and the Universal Law of Attraction into my life.
  • The amazing readers of this blog whose comments, ideas and loving support inspire me to continue doing what I love and living my best life.

I hope this week’s inspirational thoughts have touched your life in a way that you will pass on to those around you.  As always, I thank you and I appreciate you.  I wish you an infinity filled with more love and gratitude than you could ever hope for.

Photo credit: Kate Ausburn

It’s comment time, my friends. Who do you appreciate today? What are some ways that you express gratitude?

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