Inspirational Thoughts: Make the Best of the Worst

Inspirational Thoughts: Make the Best of the Worst

February 13, 2020 Off By admin

14693491932_d70350f51dWhen the rug beneath your feet is snatched away, what happens?   You lose your balance, you stumble and you may even fall.  But what’s next?

With bruises on your body, heart or mind; you must make a choice.  You can lie on the floor weeping and crying out for what’s no longer there; or you can do what’s in alignment with your Highest good.  You can recover from the shock, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and choose to make the best of the worst.

Oftentimes in life, we hold on so tightly to what we don’t want because it’s comfortable.  No matter how much we need to let go, we ignore the call toward progress; choosing instead to hold tight to the false sense of security that blinds us.  We talk about, pray for, and dream of a new desire; all the while holding on to what’s standing in our way.  Does this sound familiar to you? Maybe you’ve lost a job, a lover, a friend or even your home.

All loss is painful to some degree, but you never lose the one thing you need.  That thing is the power of choice.  You get to choose your attitude, your approach, and what you’ll do next.  Each of those choices may be positive or negative.  However, the vibration (positive or negative) of the outcome you receive will reflect the vibration of the choices you make.  One choice may fall victim to the worst, while another will make the best of the worst.

Instead of losing yourself in a sea of self-pity, anger and regret; remember that things aren’t always what they seem.  Sometimes the only way the Universe can get you to the next level is to yank away the false security blanket that’s keeping you from grasping what’s truly in store for you.

If you can’t let go when it’s time to let go, move on when it’s time to move on, and step up when it’s time to step up; you’ll get assistance in ways you may not expect.  It won’t always come in a pretty package with bows and perfect wrapping.  Sometimes it won’t look like the gift of assistance at all. Nonetheless, expect your Highest good to always reveal itself.  Expect that the best gifts are sometimes in the worst wrapping.  Harvest that belief and use it to pick yourself up no matter how far you fall.

All it really takes to make the best of the worst is a positive outlook.  Don’t miss one more morsel of the good that is here for you by dwelling on what’s been taken away.


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