Inspirational Thoughts: Not to Worry, But to Create

Inspirational Thoughts: Not to Worry, But to Create

June 25, 2020 Off By admin

To what do you give the bulk of your attention? To the things you love, appreciate, admire and desire? Or to the things you worry about?

You’re a creator of life and all things within it.  Your powerful focus and attention is immeasurably valuable.  The energy of your every thought vibrates throughout the entire Universe, creating and recreating your world at each passing moment.  Why waste such a gift on things and people that don’t deserve it?  Why waste it on worry?  Worry has certainly never done anything positive for you.

My dear powerful friend, wake-up and smell the roses.  You are amazing!  What you think about, dream about, praise about or worry about grows in essence by leaps and bounds in your life.  The direction you’re headed may change a billion times over; but don’t forget that you’re the one in the driver’s seat.

Choose where you want to go and how you want to feel.  Create your world from that place within you where only growth, faith, appreciation and love reside.  There is no room there for worry.

To worry is to accept limitation, to lose sight of your personal power, to step away from who you truly are.

To worry is to resist your life’s purpose, to forget how amazing you are, to create your own hell.

Fortunately, worrying is a choice. Nothing can worry you without your consent. You either choose to worry or you choose to fully experience the present moment.

Take time throughout this day to stop for a moment and consider your thoughts.  Is there something you are worrying about?  Is worry getting you anywhere? Is it changing the circumstance in any positive way?  If not, don’t worry.

Replace worry with thoughts, actions and choices that make the most of who you are and what you’re capable of.  Stop worry in its tracks. You’re not on this Earth to just observe and worry as life happens to you.  You’re a creator, so create.

Create patience where there is fear, understanding where there is intolerance, compassion where there is pain. With the unlimited power of your thoughts, create solutions to every problem, even if the only solution is acceptance.

Don’t Worry. Create. Be Happy.

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