Inspirational Thoughts: What’s Wrong With Being Wrong

“Convictions are more dangerous enemies of truth than lies.”
~Friedrich W. Nietzsche

being wrongThere’s no faster way to thwart personal growth and development than to live with the perpetual need to be right.  Being right about everything means having no room to grow, to learn, or to evolve.  What a gift to never reach such a state, living instead with the promise of expansion.

Your potential for growth and wisdom are limited only by the extent to which you open your mind.  Nonetheless, the ego seeks to pose a threat by leaving the sinking feeling that being wrong is somehow shameful.  Today’s inspirational thoughts offer you a wake-up call.

Knowledge is not meant to close the doors of your mind, but to leave them open, yielding and flexing to accommodate the flow of wisdom as you evolve.b

At this very point in time, there is something you think you know that is not quite right. The same is true for your teachers and ministers, counselors and advisers, the people you love, and even world leaders.  All are human and subject to err.

Your ego may object, but it’s completely normal to be wrong.  There is no shame in having knowledge that is incomplete, wrong, muddled or unclear.  How tenaciously you hold on to that knowledge depends on what’s important to you. Would you like to spend your life exploring and learning, gaining wisdom, living in an atmosphere ripe for growth? Or will you hold tightly to the illusion of being right while leaving little room for truth?

Nobody can make this choice for you, but know this: Stubbornness and wisdom are on opposite ends of the spectrum.  You must let go of one in order to reach the other.

Like everything worth talking about, this isn’t easy.  It takes great courage to question anything you’ve learned, interpreted and come to accept with certainty.  In fact, it takes far more courage to admit you may be wrong than it could ever take to argue that you’re right.  This courage and open mindedness lay an unshakable foundation for personal growth and success.

As you go out into the world to start another day, don’t be discouraged if something you think you know is challenged.  Dive into the prospect of new knowledge with an open mind.  Maybe you’ll solidify a belief you already had; maybe you’ll learn something new.  The worst that could happen is that you find out you’re wrong, yet this too is a gift worth appreciating with all your heart.

Both being wrong and being right are amazing parts of the life experience.  We don’t come forth into this world to stand trapped in one spot with no room to grow.  We must humble ourselves enough to approach life with more inquisitiveness than self-righteousness.

Like a child, hold on to that zest for life, which leaves the mind open to endless possibilities.  Don’t be afraid to be wrong.  Question what you’ve been told, what you’ve read, what you know and what you think you know.

Embrace the opportunity to find out that you’ve been wrong about something. After all, the prerequisite to learning is often unlearning.

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