Inspirational Thoughts: What Your Past Has to Offer

Inspirational Thoughts: What Your Past Has to Offer

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What Does Your Past Have to Offer?

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While we often discuss the importance of letting go of the past, today’s inspirational thoughts inspire you to embrace the residual gifts that the past leaves behind.

The past is gone, but it never vanishes without a trace. These traces are with us all in the present moment. But that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. The determining factor is always the individual lenses through which you see your Now.

The residue of the past is nothing less than a present. Though you are absolutely free to do with it as you please, it is there for your benefit.

With both your physical and spiritual eyes, take a close look at the amazing person staring back at you in the mirror today. See all that is good and right, beautiful and strong, experienced and wise. See the evolution of a person who has lived—a person who has a past from which to learn, grow and move forward.

As you greet your new and improved self each morning, give thanks for the layers you’ve shed in the past. Give thanks that you are not the person you were yesterday, the day before, the year or decade before; but also give thanks for the origin of you.

You are someone who has been up and down, lost and found, free and trapped. You’ve been challenged, hurt, kicked down and shut out. All of this is what makes the story beautiful; because you are also someone who is still standing, growing, developing and blossoming.

You are stronger because the past required you to use your strength. You are wiser because, in the past, you stayed the course when you didn’t know. You’re more powerful because the past moved you to tap into your power.

You, my friend, are why it’s all worth it. You are, in essence, a living and breathing manifestation of what comes next. The rainbow that couldn’t be experienced without the rain.

Day in and day out, through both your achievements and your mistakes, you contribute to the expansion of this great Universe. You touch lives all around you, triggering new ideas and perspectives in others, most often without your knowing.

You are a spiritual being with more to offer than your physical eyes, hands and mind can understand. While you may never completely comprehend the magnitude of your value in the bigger picture, I encourage you to trust in the process of life. Look around; realizing that the physicality of our world is one tiny part of the puzzle. Trust that you are more than this. Trust that not a single solitary moment of your life is ever (or has ever been) wasted.

It is my belief, that Source (or God, Holy Spirit, Divine Existence) always sees us this way. But how do we see ourselves? How do you see yourself? Do you know that everything you do, and everything you’ve ever done, is of value to All-That-Is?

Because of your past, you ARE. And all is well.

“All your past except its beauty is gone and nothing is left but a blessing”

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