Inspirational Thoughts: When You Can’t Fix It

can't fix itWelcome to another beautiful day on Earth, friends. Today’s inspirational thoughts are intended to inspire you to live your best life right now.  Instead of waiting to eliminate that problem you’re dealing with, work with it.

Self improvement isn’t just about fixing everything that’s wrong with you or your life.  Sometimes, the only way to make things better is to accept it the way it is.  In other words—if you can’t fix it or get rid of it, work with it.

Today, I hope you’ll join me in looking at every part of your life, including and especially the difficulties, with full and radical acceptance.  What are you suffering with—back pain, addiction, cancer, fatigue?  Is it emotional suffering—anxiety, depression, fear, heartache?  What about debt, self-esteem issues, loneliness? Whatever the quandary, accept it as it is at this moment; but refuse to give it control over your life.  Your life belongs to you; not to what ails you.

Obstacles—some the size of pebbles and some the size of boulders—will get in your way. That’s an unavoidable fact of life.  In fact, that IS life.  However, you are not a slave to those obstacles.  At their worst, they can surprise you or slow you down.  They can make you have to try harder, get creative, or change your plans in ways you didn’t anticipate. But only you can stop you.

With today’s inspirational thoughts, I encourage you to keep going.  Your best life doesn’t start when you’ve cleared every road block, creating a clean and easy path.  Instead, it is created and recreated in every moment that you choose not to stop.

Take a moment to assess your life right now.  No doubt, there are obstacles there.  Notice those that really seem to block your path, creating a barrier you haven’t yet managed to circumvent.  Notice them and accept them as they are in this moment.  Getting rid of them today may be impractical, but you can decide to start pushing against them.  If that doesn’t work, climb over them, go around them or carry them on your back.  Do all that you can with what you have right now.  It’s definitely not easy and you may wish things were different.  But ultimately the choice is yours.

Get dirty, tired and lost if you have to.  Break a sweat, shed a tear, let out a scream if necessary.  Whatever you do, realize that you are in control of your life.  Pain, exhaustion and even lack of direction can’t stop you.  You can make excuses and spend your entire life waiting to get rid of the things that stand in your way. Or you can work with what you have today.  Maybe you can’t do everything in the way you hoped to do it, but you can do it nonetheless.

Your life is waiting. Work with it. Live it.

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Photo credit: Tori Mercedes
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